10 Dorm Room Ideas for the Best Dorm Room Ever

10 Dorm Room Ideas for the Best Dorm Room Ever

10 Dorm Room Ideas for the Best Dorm Room Ever

Functional pieces are a must to make the most of small spaces. We reveal the top 10 dorm room ideas for students with champagne tastes on a shoestring budget.

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It is projected that nearly 19.9 million students attended college in 2018 alone. For many of these students, feelings of homesickness seem impossible to avoid. Fortunately, by incorporating some clever dorm room ideas a college student can feel at home in no time.

Even if you’re working on the average college student budget and are living off of ramen noodles, there are a number of ideas that can make your dorm feel like a small slice of paradise.

Read on for more dorm room ideas.

The Best Dorm Room Ideas

Having a gorgeous dorm room doesn’t need to be expensive or difficult to pull off.

When in fact, you’ll find that the following ideas are relatively easy and can even be completed in a single afternoon.

1. Go for a Wall Mural

If you’re looking to make your dorm room feel larger, after all, who’s not, a wall mural is an easy way to achieve just that.

To achieve that larger dorm feeling, try a beach or green forest mural.  You can also design and print your own mural for a more personal touch. 

2. DIY Headboard

If you look on Pinterest, you’ll typically find a number of headboard designs incorporating expensive woods and materials.

For your dorm room, however, you can simply make one with a carefully cut cardboard box and a bit of fabric.

It’s incredibly affordable but still adds a bit of luxury to your bedroom

3. Use a Wastebasket for a Side Table

In some dorms, you’ll find that you’re not allowed to bring your own furniture. Even if you are, end tables tend to be more on the expensive side.

To solve this problem simply spray paint a metal wastebasket and flip it over to use as a bedside table 

4. Bring in Some Green

For some reason, dorm rooms tend to have a coldness that can only compete with hospitals. Fortunately, you can bring life to your dorm room by bringing in a small clay potted plant.

You can even use plants like succulents if you have doubts about your green thumb.

5. Opt for Twinkle Lights

Twinkle lights are perfect for your dorm room as they can be used in a variety of ways. You can use them to frame your bed or even create your own customized marquee sign.

The options are endless.

6. Turn a Bed Sheet into a Tapestry 

Tapestries are a simple way to decorate an entire wall or to draw your attention to a specific area of your dorm room.

While tapestries tend to be on the pricey side, by repurposing a bed sheet you can incorporate any style you like for a more reasonable price.

7. Use Vintage Containers

Nothing adds more character to the room than a pop of something vintage.

Whether you’re repurposing glass Mason jars, or storing pencils and pens in old tin tea containers, you’ll find that vintage items make great statement pieces.

You can easily visit a secondhand store to stock up on these timeless and irreplaceable treasures.

8. Create Your Own Jewelry Holder 

Some of the best jewelry holders can be found in nature. Use a sturdy tree branch or a piece of Beachwood as the perfect all-natural jewelry Hanger.

Simply screw in the hooks and hang with an adorable piece of twine.

9. A Touch of Home

Sometimes, all you need to feel at home in your new dorm room are some simple details that remind you of your real home.

This can be anything from the curtains in your old bedroom, to family photos, or even your favorite coffee mug. 

Find the simple details that capture that cozy feeling and don’t feel afraid to take them with you.

10. Show off Your Personality

Whether you’re a huge fan of a cult classic film or an avid Jane Austen reader, there are ways to show off your personality through unique wall posters.

A quick look online will bring you to a number of retro or culturally inspired posters that are the perfect fit for your dorm room.

Bonus Tips: Organizational Folders

One of the most overwhelming parts of college is the high number of papers you’ll suddenly have to keep track of. The good news is you can stay organized while adding a bit of style to your room.

By using stylish filing folders, you’ll be able to know what you working on and what needs to be worked on at a moments notice.

Making Shelves Fun

Shelves typically come standard in any dorm. However, they also tend to be boring and lackluster. Add some temporary style by using colored washi tape to line your bookshelves and give it a splash of character.

Washi tape comes in a number of colors and designs, which is why it’s ideal for decorating your dorm room.

If you don’t want to spring for expensive frames, simply frame new photos directly on the wall using washi tape.

The Preparation You Need for an Ideal College Experience

Whether you are still studying to take your SATs or are already looking into stylish dorm room ideas, you’ll find that the more preparation you put into your college experience the greater the reward.

It’s natural to experience feelings of homesickness even for those who are studying close to home. Which is why being part of a larger community is always a great way to bring some familiarity with you.

If you are part of the honor society you’ll find a strong, tightknit, community of hard-working students are already waiting for you. Learn more about joining the honor society today.


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10 Dorm Room Ideas for the Best Dorm Room Ever

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