10 Ways Honor Society Can Provide Student Help

10 Ways Honor Society Can Provide Student Help

10 Ways Honor Society Can Provide Student Help

Ever wondered how an honor society can provide student help? Click here to find out how honor societies can benefit you and your education.

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According to reports, recent college graduates are experiencing the highest unemployment rate seen in decades.

For those pursuing their degrees, stats like these can be disheartening. Fortunately, there are many ways to distinguish yourself in your academic career so you can stand out in the job market. 

One of these is to join an honor society. Honor societies can be an invaluable source of student help. What’s more, research shows that honor society leadership experiences enhance student employment opportunities.

At the same time, honor society membership and participation does require dedication, commitment, and time that some students may be tempted to dedicate to other activities. 

If you are on the fence about whether or not to join an honor society, it is important that you are aware of the potential benefits that membership can bring. 

Curious to know how being part of an honor society can help you? Keep reading to find out how joining HonorSociety.org will propel your academic and professional career.

1. Community and Support

One of the many ways that an honor society can offer student help is through community and support. Almost all clubs offer the chance to make new social connections and forge valuable bonds. Through joining an honor society you will be able to connect with peers who have similar goals and share your commitment to academic success. 

Surrounding yourself with others who set high standards for their education can be a key motivating factor. What’s more, like-minded alumni can provide a support network. Fellow honor society members can also be useful sounding boards when it comes to coursework. 

If you join HonorSociety.org, you will become part of a nationwide community of high achieving alumni, all dedicated to a high standard of success. 

2. Discounts

Depending on the honor society you join, you may also be eligible for select discounts. For example, here at HonorSociety.org, you can save with our exclusive discounts on restaurant meals, health insurance, and more. 

From discounts on paintball tickets and apparel to marked down courses—we are proud to offer our members some great savings opportunities. 

Everybody knows that getting a degree isn’t easy on one’s pocket. Besides paying for tuition, you also have to keep up with living expenses, and full-time study doesn’t leave you with a lot of time to earn extra cash This is why we feel that our members should have access to the best discounts possible. 

By implementing savvy spending, and taking advantage of our student discounts, managing your finances through college can be that much easier. 

3. Scholarship and Internship Opportunities

One of the biggest benefits of joining an honor society is the access this can provide to scholarships and internships. Different student clubs offer different opportunities, however, not all have extensive students resources around scholarships and internships.

If you are looking to find a scholarship, then you should research potential honor societies (such as us) and what scholarship opportunities they offer.

One of the underlying goals behind the HonorSociety.org is to make scholarships and awards available for students that excel and are committed to success. We do this by offering exclusive scholarships and connecting students to a database of partner scholarships. 

We currently offer a range of scholarships, including our Core Values scholarships, Community Service scholarship, Study Abroad scholarship, and many more. Take a look at our list of current scholarship programs to learn more. 

Granting scholarships is at the core of how we aim to offer student help to dedicated learners. If you want to hear the stories of some of our past scholarship winners take a look at our scholarship recipient case studies.

4. Resume Benefits

Another significant honor society membership benefit is the impact it can have on your resume. Unfortunately, the reality is that even though you may have worked hard through college or university, this does not guarantee quick employment once you graduate. 

In fact, graduates can have quite a difficult time landing their first job.

Why is this? Well, simply put, being a fresh graduate often means only one thing to employers. That you have no job experience. 

Fortunately, there are ways to show employers that you have what it takes even if you do not have previous working experience. 

While degrees are still vital for most career paths, employers are also placing an increasing focus on skills. Particularly soft skills. The importance of soft skills is gaining a lot of attention at the moment and is something you can use to your advantage when applying for work after college. 

For instance, do you have good leadership capabilities? Or would you like to refine the ones you have? If so, what better way to do this than by starting an honor society chapter?

Starting and running a chapter is an ideal experience to put on your resume. This will indicate to employers that you have leadership abilities, as well as initiative—both of which are sought after qualities that many employers look for. 

According to statistics, 31% of interviewers vet for signs of initiative in job candidates. 

5. Employer Checks

Besides being good for your resume, being part of an honors society can also be beneficial for your social media profiles. If you want to brand yourself as a high achiever, one of the best ways to do this is on social media. 

Although many of us still think of our social media accounts as recreational, they are starting to play an important role in hiring processes. Nowadays, estimates state that 3 out of 4 hiring managers check potential candidates’ social profiles. What’s more, a third of hirers have rejected job applicants based on their social profiles. 

If you want to up your odds in the job market, it pays to pay attention to your social media profiles. Besides keeping them free of content you wouldn’t want future employers to see, you can also take steps to populate them with posts and media that demonstrate your abilities and value. 

A great way to do this is to ensure that all activities you do with your honor society appear on your personal social media pages. You can documents trips, conferences, or hours worked doing community service. These types of activities will reflect your dedication to your education and career, and you definitely want any future employers to know about them. 

6. Networking Opportunities

Being part of an honor society provides students with a community of like-minded peers. But besides this, it also opens up valuable networking opportunities.

Networking is vital for almost any career, and the best place to start with it is in college or university. Although we believe that what you know matters a lot, who you know is also important. 

By networking with other honor society members, as well as speakers at events, you will be able to establish a network of contacts. These can be beneficial both during your studies and afterward in your career. 

If you are questioning how valuable this benefit is, think of this. One of the advantages of attending a renowned university is the networking opportunities you can receive. Why not supercharge this by joining an honors society as well? 

If you are attending college or university online, then it is doubly important that you consider the networking advantages that clubs and societies offer. 

7. Career Resources

Another advantageous benefit that honor societies often have is that they offer career resources. Once you graduate, having access to this kind of student assistance can be very important. 

As we have mentioned numerous times, the job market is tough, and fresh graduates need to do all they can to optimize their chances of fast employment.

The exact student resources you receive will depend on the society you join. With us, you will have access to our career center where you will be able to view thousands of job openings and apply for them using your HonorSociety.org account. 

Along with this, you can upload your resume to be checked by one of our staff for a free resume review. 

And if this is not enough, membership will also grant you Full Career Insider Premium Access to over 100 extensive industry profiles, 780 professional profiles, 5,000 company profiles, and 480 internship profiles.

8. Access to Exclusive Regalia

Besides helping your career, being part of an honor society also helps you to celebrate your graduation and achievements in style. 

Graduation is a big day. After all, it is one that you will have worked very hard for. It is also the turning point from where you get to embark on your new career. 

Besides this, graduation as an honors society member is also a big deal. Being part of an honors society sets you apart as a high achiever and a dedicated learner. If you join an honor society, you should feel proud of yourself, and be able to display this achievement to the world. 

That is why here at HonorSociety.org, we offer our members a range of exclusive regalia they can purchase for graduation. From honor cords to stoles and more, our merchandise is picked out in blue and gold. Besides more formal items, you can also proudly display your honor society membership with caps, tees, bags, keychains, and more. 

Lastly, we also offer a range of lux diploma frames so that you can exhibit your diplomas to their best. 

9. Benefits Are Equal and Complimentary to Phi Beta Kappa Membership

If you are a high achieving student, you may have received more than one invitation to an honor society. Depending on what invitations you receive it can be hard to decide which society to join.

The good news is that you can decide to join more than one honor society. For instance, you can become a member of Phi Beta Kappa and HonorSociety.org at the same time.

The two memberships won’t compete with each other. In contrast, holding membership in dual honor societies will merely provide you with even more student resources, education help, distinction, and networking opportunities. 

No two honor societies are the same. They do not have the same events or speakers. They also do not offer the same scholarships or discounts. 

Because of this, holding membership in both Phi Beta Kappa and HonorSociety.org can be highly advantageous. 

On the other hand, supposing you did not get an invitation to Phi Beta Kappa? Or perhaps you cannot afford two honor society fees?

In this case, HonorSociety.org is a great alternative to Phi Beta Kappa. Our range of scholarships and student resources is equally as extensive, and you will be able to benefit at much from HonorSociety.org membership as from joining Phi Beta Kappa.

10. Honor Society Membership Can Increase Your Eligibility for Other Memberships

Being part of an honor society is a stamp of achievement. You may find that your honor society membership acts as a vote of confidence in your favor when you apply to join other exclusive clubs and organizations, both in and out of university. 

Kick Start Your Career Through the Opportunities and Student Help We Provide Here at Honorsociety.org

As you can see, there are numerous benefits associated with becoming a member of an honor society. These include networking opportunities, student help, events, mentoring, and more.

If you join HonorSociety.org you will also be granted access to scholarship and internship programs, as well as exclusive discounts, regalia, and career services. 

Besides this, joining a prestigious honor society such as ours gives you the recognition you deserve. It is also a noteworthy achievement to include on your resume, especially if you took on extra duties, such as running a chapter. 

Are you interested in finding out more about how to become a member of HonorSociety.org? If so, take a look at our requirements and recognition levels

If you would like to apply to join our nationwide community of high achievers, you can become a member today by filling out our sign up form. 

Have any questions? If so, simply contact us and we will be happy to help.

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10 Ways Honor Society Can Provide Student Help

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