5 Social Justice Projects That Can Make a Difference in Your Community

As this challenging year is drawing to a close, many of us might be wondering what 2021 will bring. With the coronavirus pandemic still far from over, the Black Lives Matter movement gaining momentum, and human rights higher up on the agenda of governments globally, more and more people feel like it’s time to make a real difference.

Are you one of them? If you think that 2021 is going to be the year in which you play a more active role within your community or to help vulnerable people around the world, then read on. In this article, you will find 7 social justice projects that you can participate in, even during lockdowns. Are you ready to do your bit for a better, fairer world?

1. Become a BLM Ally – On and Offline

“Black Lives Matter” began as a hashtag on social media in 2013, following the brutal killing of Trayvon Martin. Over the years, it rapidly grew worldwide and became a true socio-political movement advocating for the rights of Black people, especially in light of numerous violent murders inflicted by local police on Black citizens.

In May 2020, the tragic killing of Afro-American George Floyd, caught on camera right until the very last, dramatic moments, spurred further protests organized by the BLM movement. In several major cities around the world, people stood and sat in peaceful protest to express their rage at these atrocities.

The BLM hashtag saw a huge increase over the summer months, and many Black influencers, as well as celebrities, took to social media to stand in solidarity with the cause. Black Lives Matter could be a great social justice project that you can get involved with. You can start by following the hashtag on your social media accounts, sharing and tagging relevant content.

Then, make sure you join online events and protests, listen to podcasts, watch movies and documentaries on the subject, and donate to BLM groups.

2. Help Safeguard Immigrant Rights

The new Biden-Harris administration will soon replace Trump’s, but this doesn’t mean that everything that happened under the controversial Republican POTUS will be canceled. A lot of work will need to be done to bring back social justice where the Trump administration damaged it.

One of the areas in which you can help is immigrant rights. Families are still split at the Mexican borders, children continue to be removed from their parents, and many people are detained. What’s more, the coronavirus crisis has only exacerbated the issue.

So, it’s your turn to do something about it. Read and learn about immigration and immigrant rights, educate your neighbors, friends, colleagues, and family members, and donate to associations that protect immigrant rights.

Do you happen to speak Spanish or have a background in law? Great, then you can volunteer remotely to help with legal cases or as an interpreter for people facing problems at the border.

3. Volunteer at Your Local Food Bank

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a huge amount of people in the United States to lose their jobs, and many families have plunged into poverty almost overnight. With an increasing number of citizens relying on food bank donations for their daily meals, you might want to get involved by contacting your local branch.

You can either donate food or essential supplies regularly, or you can choose to volunteer a few hours a week. This will enable you to offer not just food and essentials to people in desperate need, but also a word of comfort and hope to those who need it most.

4. Join Your Community COVID Outreach

This year’s global pandemic was certainly one of the most unexpected and challenging events of our lifetime. Despite vaccines being approved at the moment, the virus is at an all-time high in many countries, where lockdowns are still ongoing and people are told to stay at home.

If you feel compelled to do something to help the most vulnerable and those most affected by this crisis, then you can do so safely, either at home or outdoor. If you choose to provide support from your home, you can contact associations that help people facing mental health struggles due to COVID, and volunteer with them.

Do you prefer to be active within your community? Then how about looking for your local COVID outreach group and asking if they need any help? You might need to deliver food shopping to older neighbors, buy medicines for chronically ill people, or provide other types of care and services.

5. Shop Local to Help Keep Small Businesses Afloat

A category that was massively impacted by the coronavirus crisis was small business owners. Anything from your favorite cafe down the road to that lovely clothes store: they were all hit really hard, while giants like Amazon made huge profits from their e-commerce sites.

Small businesses, though, are the heart and soul of a community. Often, they are part of the fabric of a neighborhood and contribute to giving an area its very unique vibe. So, if you dream of a future in which you can still enjoy a masterfully made latte, or find the most gorgeous vintage skirt, then choose to shop local next time you need to buy something.

Ready to Do Your Bit for the World With These Social Justice Projects?

As you have seen, it doesn’t take much to support great causes or get involved in social justice projects. These are just some of the many things you can do to become an active supporter of a better, more just world: why don’t you start today?

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5 Social Justice Projects That Can Make a Difference in Your Community

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