7 Benefits the Honor Society Can Provide Graduate Students

The job market is constantly becoming more competitive. It seems like every job opening today has at least 100 applicants. People are running in circles, handing in their resumes to any open position.

Keeping up with the competition is exhausting.

To get an edge on the competition, many people are returning to college. Further education and additional degrees are giving people the career boost they need to meet their goals. However, many are left wondering if they’re doing enough.

Find the career support you’re searching for by joining the Honor Society for graduate students and doctoral students. Keep reading below to discover the benefits of this organization.

1. Plenty of Scholarship Opportunities

It’s no secret college is expensive. Many people find themselves in a hole of debt even just after their undergraduate studies. If you decide to invest in a graduate or Ph.D. program, you’ll find yourself in an even greater hole. 

Luckily for any student, the Honor Society offers plenty of graduate student scholarships. Take the time to research what scholarships are available. The Honor Society’s site offers a scholarship directory to make your search easy.

You’ll have to write some essays, gather letters of recommendation, or submit your resume. The work is worth the result, and you won’t have to rely as heavily on student loans.  

2. Easier Job Search Tools

Landing your first job out of college is no easy task. Finding jobs to apply to seems even harder. Staring at your computer screen while sifting through job openings quickly becomes nauseating. 

With the Honor Society, you’ll get easy and efficient job search tools. Some of these job listings are only available to members of the Honor Society. 

As a bonus, employers are able to search for candidates through the Honor Society. They can view your resume and check out what skills you offer. Because of this, many members are quickly hired!

Members are also able to submit their resume for a professional review. They then receive feedback on how they can improve their resume for potential employers. 

3. Volunteer Opportunities 

School and work take up a large chunk of everyone’s time, but many people also enjoy dedicating time to volunteer in the community. Volunteering and philanthropy are fundamental in every member’s life. The Honor Society’s featured cause is the American Red Cross. 

Not only is dedicating time to volunteering impressive, but it also improves the community around you. Community involvement grows your list of local contacts and increases the possibility of a job opportunity after graduation. 

4. Inspiration and Recognition

Everyone needs a burst of inspiration at times. The Honor Society provides this inspiration by connecting members with influential figures in politics, athletics, the tech world, etc.

Inspiration pushes us to reach our goals or to set even bigger ones. As you reach your goals in your studies, you’ll gain recognition throughout the organization. You’ll also receive special certificates and honor cords for graduation. 

After graduation, you’ll be able to purchase special certificate frames and regalia made for members of the Honor Society.

5. Improved Skills and a Career Boost

Members of the Honor Society have a career toolbox at their disposal. They’ll learn how to prepare and ace an interview, and the organization teaches members how to propel themselves forward in the professional world. 

With the growing popularity of virtual landscapes, you’ll also learn how to navigate online networking and social media. It’s important to virtually build a brand you’re proud of. 

Not only will you be gaining new skills, but you’ll also be gaining a more optimistic view of your future. You’ll be able to picture yourself in the office, lab, or classroom of your dreams. Whether you want to be a professor or researcher, you’ll be eager to put your new skills to the test.

Are you feeling lost? Members can schedule career coaching sessions. This coaching will give you the edge you need to get a leg up on the competition.

6. Support and Educational Resources

There are many clubs and organizations that tend to leave you hanging once you join them. This isn’t the case for the Honor Society. If you join this organization, you’ll gain all the support and resources you need to take your future to the next level. 

On top of the career coaching and resume help, members receive hefty discounts on test prep materials. This lifted financial burden will give you better peace of mind as you study.

Because you’ll be part of a chapter at your university, you’ll have plenty of study buddies to help. They’ll be able to help you study, offer tips for different classes, and give you the confidence you need to get an A.

7. Fun Perks

If you work hard, you should be able to play hard, right? By being a member of this organization, you’ll receive fun perks such as gift cards to your favorite restaurants and travel discounts. 

Once you join the Honor Society, check what fun trips are available to members. You’ll be able to explore new cities and meet like-minded students. Don’t forget to bring along your gift card to enjoy a nice meal while you’re out of town. 

As an extra perk, you’ll even receive special deals on dental and vision care plans. This is important for students relying solely on their own income.

Join the Honor Society for Graduate Students

Deciding to go back for another degree is no small decision. It can be scary and exciting all at the same time because you know you’re gaining an edge on the competition. Take it a step further by joining the Honor Society for graduate students.

There are many benefits to joining the Honor Society, including education and career support. You’ll have access to amazing graduate school scholarships, job search tools, and discounted test prep. You and your future employer will be beyond grateful you made the decision to join. 

Are you interested in joining the Honor Society? Check out the rest of our site for more information. Submit a membership application to get started. 

Source: HonorSociety.org Member Articles
7 Benefits the Honor Society Can Provide Graduate Students

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