A Guide to Nursing Major Scholarships

Nurses are one of the most vital professions to go into right now, and yet, it’s one that requires a lot of time, education, and money.

The average tuition for an in-state bachelor’s degree in nursing is almost $10,000, annually. Out of state tuition can cost up to $30,000.

That doesn’t include getting a master’s degree, either. That’s why scholarships are essential, and we want to help you find nursing major scholarships.

Here’s everything you need from how to get involved and how to earn a scholarship and lower that tuition cost.

What Is an Honor Society?

Honor societies have legacies dating back 200 years. The purpose of an honor society is to unite achievers and enable their success for upcoming generations.

That manifests itself in several ways. On top of scholarships, honor societies offer career services dedicated to aiding those in all professions, like nursing, to getting careers post-graduation. 

In addition, they offer financial perks and lecture series that can help their members find success.

What Nursing Major Scholarships Are Worth Applying For?

If you’re hoping to cut down on costs, you should be applying to as many as you feasibly can. Here’s an extensive list of nursing major scholarships that can help any ambitious nursing major save money on school.

Some scholarships are location-based. They’ll require you to attend a school in Ohio, California, or somewhere in between. Others may be merit-based or determined by your race, socio-economic status, or if you have disabilities.

This is aimed to ease the financial burden on those who are the first in their family to achieve higher education. It takes time to sift through scholarships and find the perfect one for you.

Keep going. They’re worth the time investment.

How Much Can Scholarships Give?

Each scholarship is different, and the range of funds each doles out varies widely.

Many scholarships are available that offer small sums of money, in the hundreds or low thousands of dollars. Meanwhile, there are some scholarships that can give anywhere from $20,000 to fully funding your entire college tuition.

These scholarships are more competitive due to their pricey nature. That’s why it’s best to apply for a healthy amount of scholarships to ensure your best chance of getting additional funds for college.

In general, local scholarships will receive fewer applicants than national scholarships. We’d advise starting your search small then expand your search after.

Basically, gauge how large the applicant pool will be. The smaller the pool, the likelier you’ll stand out and succeed.

That doesn’t mean those big scholarships aren’t worth fighting for though! A healthy balance will get you the funds you need to succeed.

What Are the Deadlines for Applying for Scholarships?

This will vary by scholarship. Some scholarships will have loose deadlines due before you start school, while others will have strict January 31st deadlines.

Make sure to check these deadlines and apply with plenty of lead time, when possible.

The last thing you want to happen is to spend the time on an application only for your power to go out and you’re unable to submit the application on time. That’s a serious bummer.

Most Honor Society scholarships are due at some point at the tail end of January, each year. 

Occasionally they go longer, but most require several months for the selection committee to pick a winner, notify them, and ensure the money gets transferred on time.

Are Scholarships Available if I’m Already in College?

Absolutely! Scholarships are available to anyone in higher education, regardless of their status. There are scholarships all the way through undergrad, even up to master’s programs.

There will be hospitals that require you to become an Advanced Practical Registered Nurse (APRN) but not necessarily right out of undergrad.

And sadly it’s becoming less and less common for hospitals to pay for their nurses’ higher education. They may supplement some of the cost, but scholarships can help flesh out the rest.

If you’re dedicated to higher learning, don’t think you can’t earn scholarships. With a little research, you’ll be able to find several that cater to you, personally.

How Do Honor Societies Grant Scholarships?

Honor Societies secure scholarships through donations, federal grants, and different partnerships, both corporate and otherwise.

Most donations come from past members who hope to give back or from those with great respect for higher education.

In regards to corporate partnerships, these external organizations choose to support honor societies rather than dole out scholarships on their own. That’s due to honor societies already having an elite list of students.

How Do I Secure Scholarships from an Honor Society?

Honor Society scholarships are open and have small pools of applicants, making them great to apply for. There are many to apply for and each offers up to several thousands of dollars in funds for schooling. 

Some scholarships require having terrific GPAs, while others require you to achieve great things as a student. Some only apply to those studying abroad.

Because they’re nuanced and unique, you could easily secure one if you meet the minimum requirements.

Check through all of them and see which you’re applicable for and get applying.

The Honor Society for Nursing Students

Odds are you aren’t going into nursing for the fun. You’re doing it because it’s meaningful and will leave an impact on others.

That’s why picking a nursing honor society is important.

The Honor Society has access to over 100 industry guides, with 5,000 company profiles that can aid in finding a career. These additional resources are all included with membership.

You’re not just developing yourself for college, but for a future career. And knowing what each honor society offers can ensure you’re working at a clinic or hospital that aspires to help people, just like you.

Join the Honor Society

With nursing major scholarships and other opportunities available, you’re leaving money on the table by not applying.

College is going to be expensive, but with a little work, you can massively lower the cost. At the Honor Society, we want to give you the skills you need to succeed before, during, and after.

Apply for membership today and start getting access to our Career Insider books, internship opportunities, and of course, scholarships.

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A Guide to Nursing Major Scholarships

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