Honor Society E-mail

Honor Society E-mail

Every semester, students and alumni alike receive invitations to join honor societies. All of these e-mails leave students and their parents wondering “Is this honor society e-mail real?” It’s a valid question, since the proliferation of spam e-mail has left honor society invitees cautious. The truth is that e-mails are simply a modern equivalent of the pieces of mail that were sent to your home during earlier generations, which parents may remember. Smart, budget-conscious and environmentally-conscious honor societies have largely replaced the snail mail tradition of mailing a letter to your home, with sending an e-mail directly to you instantly. Honor Society, for example, utilizes e-mail invitations and reminders to keep prospective members in the loop with their invite and opportunities. In fact, there is a full page explaining Honor Society Acceptance Letter E-mail on their site.

The broad technological shift in communication has disrupted the concept of mailing to it’s core. According to the United States Postal Service, total postal mail volume declined 28% from 212.2B to 154.3B. It’s no wonder that a number of the leading honor societies, have taken to e-mailing inductees rather than mailing them. While traditional mail is more tangible, a large percentage of honor societies have taken the e-mail approach, which is more cost-effective on society’s limited funds and environmentally friendly, saving tens of thousands of mailings per year. And it makes sense on a financial basis as well– do you really want to be a member of an honor society that is spending tens of thousands of dollars on paper and postage, instead of putting the society funds to better use, such as scholarships, events, and programming for the members?

Have you received an honor society acceptance letter e-mail? If so, congratulations! It’s a sign that a society that cares about the use of it’s members funds has invited you to join. While some are skeptical about honor societies in general, it is a tradition that has been around for centuries and has proven it’s value to generations. Spend the time to learn more about the society and make the investment worth the time and money.

HonorSociety.org® is the preeminent organization dedicated to recognition of student success, and to empowering students to achieve. Our community emphasizes leadership and is a platform to showcase your talents. Our society's goal is to help you succeed, and to connect you with the people and opportunities to help you achieve your goals.

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