Honor Society Foundation Guide: How to Find Your Scholarship.

Higher education has become wholly unaffordable in our country today, limiting prospective students’ ability to obtain an education that could open a whole new world up for them. Especially limiting those from diverse and lower socioeconomic backgrounds that were not provided with the same resources as their more affluent counterparts, higher education has become somewhat of a battle for resources today.


If you’re reading this, you want to know more about scholarships and the ones available to either you or your child. You want to know what you can do to make higher education a reality, even if you don’t have the funds to secure a spot at some of the best universities in the world right now. And for that, we here at the Honor Society Foundation applaud and encourage you.


Scholarships are an amazing, potentially life-changing tool at your disposal. They provide money to those that deserve it so they can make their education dream a reality. When we invest in the education of our nation, we are investing in people’s livelihood, in advancement, and in transformation. It is on these very campuses that some of the most important inventions and discoveries of the last 200-years have occurred. If the next Albert Einstein is sitting at home right now, unable to afford college, wouldn’t you want to know that they were at least provided with a chance to find out?


Higher education and tuition costs are arguably broken in our country. We are going to look at the state of higher education as well as why you should consider a scholarship within this e-book. Next, we’ll provide you with some information regarding our personal scholarship program, as well as other scholarship websites and resources that you can access for your best chance at tuition money. We want to help you, but we also recognize there are lots of other websites and foundations that can do that, too.


It’s not about where the help comes from; it’s about providing eager and willing students with the chance to prove themselves in a higher education setting today. Wouldn’t you agree?


Who Are We?

We are a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization that seeks to achieve three goals: provide scholarships to high achievers so they can pursue their dreams, create value-driven educational content, and finally, preserve the distinguished history of honor societies.


We know that today’s rising tuition can be a problem for students, no matter how talented or accomplished they might be. We work to provide scholarships to those wishing to pursue their education, regardless of where they come from. We know that strong, core values lead to successful schooling and professional careers, which is why we want to be that launching pad that helps you finally achieve your dreams.


There are more scholarship opportunities out there than you might realize. It’s often a taboo topic that isn’t really investigated when it’s time for college. But, there are many amazing people out there that want to make sure you or your child can have a chance at higher education. We’re simply here to act as the liaison and make sure you know the facts.


We want you to know that you are not alone. We hope this e-book will provide you with the guidance and background information you need to make scholarship decisions in the future. Your dream scholarship is within reach – you just need to believe it.


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Honor Society Foundation Guide: How to Find Your Scholarship.

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