Honor Society Member Spotlight: Author Meaghan McGill

Honor Society is proud to announce that Meaghan McGill, a former Honor Society member and current alumni member, has recently authored a children’s book called Crafty Charlotte and the Magic Room. This is an adorable story that encourages readers to be creative, use their imaginations, and to cherish time and memories made with family.

Author Meaghan McGill was born and raised in the Mitten State. A college graduate of Spring Arbor University, McGill is now an employee of Henry Ford Allegiance Health. She is also a recipient of her community’s 30 Under 30 Award and an Honor Society Writing Challenge Winner. When asked about herself and her inspiration, she explained:

“I never woke up one day and thought to myself, I think I am going to be an author, let alone a children’s author.  Growing up, as I am sure many can relate, I was never a huge fan of reading or books, so to say that one day in my future I would have published author after my name was a complete surprise.  While enrolled at Spring Arbor University and after completing all required classes for my bachelor’s degree in organization management, I just needed a few more credits to graduate and came across ‘writing for children,’ and thought, well that seems interesting! 

Immediately, I signed up for the class.  The one and only assignment was to write a children’s book.  Shortly after the class and before graduation, my professor reached out and said that I should send this into publication, which caught me completely off guard but also started the journey of publication of my first children’s book!

Stuffing envelopes with my manuscript and sending them out, I had a stack of rejection letters that were becoming overwhelming.  After speaking with my professor, she reminded me to never give up as Dr. Seuss was rejected 50-some times! That was a big relief!  My third round of sending out my manuscript, I received callbacks from four publishers who were interested in my story! From there, I had phone interviews and made my selection, received a contract and signed on the dotted line!  This started the actual creation of my children’s book, which was originally titled, ‘Grandma and Me.’

I am a daughter, sister, friend, cousin, fur momma and auntie to many.  When I hit my twenties, I developed a love for books and reading. Since 2018, every New Years, I set a personal reading challenge for myself and I am proud that I have hit my goals each time.  In 2018, I read 53 books, with a goal of 50. In 2019, my goal was to read 65 books and I read 74 and this year’s goal is to read 75, and so far I have already read 11.” 

Meaghan McGill is an ideal representation of an Honor Society member finding happiness and success while remaining passionate in their chosen field of work. For updates, giveaways, and more, visit www.CraftyCharlotte.com and follow on Facebook @craftycharlotteandthemagicroom. To set up an interview, reading, signing, or for information regarding Crafty Charlotte and the Magic Room, please contact Meaghan McGill at meaghan_anneliese@yahoo.com.


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Honor Society Member Spotlight: Author Meaghan McGill

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