Honor Society Rewards Credit Card Launch

Honor Society Rewards Credit Card Launch

This is not your typical credit card. With every purchase, account holders will earn 1.5 percent back. These rewards can then be redeemed for cash, gift cards, name-brand merchandise and even travel accommodations.

The rewards program also offers a chance for members to support the Honor Society. A portion of every dollar spent will go toward funding our society, which has chapters at over 30 schools.

“We’re proud to launch yet another benefit option to Honor Society members,” Honor Society Executive Director Mike Moradian said. “Our goal is to foster a community that cultivates excellence in the leaders of tomorrow. The Honor Society Visa rewards program offers a useful service while allowing members to provide support.”

Awesome Incentives and a $100 Bonus

Imagine this scenario — every time you go to the store to stock up on food, kitchen supplies and toiletries, you get reward points for your purchases. The same goes for restaurant checks, show tickets and other entertainment costs. All of these goods and services can earn you 1.5 percent back when you use the Honor Society Visa card. This credit card is a great way to manage expenses when you don’t want to use cash, and it’s only available to Honor Society members.

To help introduce the reward program, Visa has presented an exciting incentive to new cardholders. If you spend $1,000 within your first three billing cycles, you’ll automatically earn enough rewards to get a $100 bonus. That’s a cool hundred after only three months of having an account.

As more purchase points rack up, cardholders can redeem them via the Honor Society card’s convenient online portal. You’ll be able to choose from a variety of gift card and cash-back options. Additionally, there are travel-related rewards that may be used toward hotels, airfare, car rentals and more. Since the points never expire, you can save up until you have enough to get the rewards you want.

Manage Accounts with Easy Online Access

Accessing an Honor Society Visa account is as simple as having an internet connection. The online portal has an intuitive interface that’s accessible to both mobile device and traditional computer users. While logged in the secure site, you’ll be able to view statements, see recent transactions and make payments. Automatic payment schedules can be arranged as well.

Furthermore, the online portal grants easy access to all of Visa’s cardholder services. After about 45 days of opening an account, you’ll be able to see your FICO credit score for free. Visa’s customer service team is also available 24/7 to provide support if cards are lost or stolen.

Funding Scholarships, Career Tools and More

Members can feel good about using the Honor Society credit card because a portion of every purchase supports a worthy organization. In addition to providing rewards to cardholders, it helps to fund the Honor Society. This allows us to maintain and grow many services as well as facilitate achievement among our members.

As one of the largest national honors organizations in the U.S., Honor Society has a wide network of more than 2 million members at thousands of universities. Our mission is to recognize high achievers and help them build a framework for future success. We’ve developed an inclusive community that allows members to connect and take advantage of various benefits.

Some of these perks include access to career tools, member trips, discounts and academic regalia. Many of our funds also go toward exclusive scholarships, which are offered at eight different levels for different ranges of community and academic achievement. In the last three years, we’ve given out more than $100,000 in scholarships.

Start Earning Rewards Today 

The card is open to members, friends and family. Interested parties can learn more about our chapters and online networking groups by visiting http://premium.honorsociety.org. For more information on the terms and conditions of the Honor Society Visa credit card, visit http://honorsocietycard.com.

HonorSociety.org® is the preeminent organization dedicated to recognition of student success, and to empowering students to achieve. Our community emphasizes leadership and is a platform to showcase your talents. Our society's goal is to help you succeed, and to connect you with the people and opportunities to help you achieve your goals.

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