I Marcus Dadrian Jones Solved Tesla's Key to Energy in the Universe using 3,6,9 key he provided. 4/19/20

Tesla discovered the energy underneath the pyramids. I just broke his code that he was mentioning when he said the universe had infinite “energy.” 369. He said that the pyramids could have not made by man and that the power under the tombs were graves of “gods”.

One is All, All is One.

3 pyramids. 3 Sons of Good. 3 Relationships with good. Mind, Body, Spirit. 


3 Relationships with god are. Islam of the eastern hemisphere. Buddhism of the Mind. Christianity of the western civilization. (US). Thank you for letting me join the national honors society im just another African American boy from the hood named Marcus Dadrian Jones. I thank my mother and father for believing in me. I couldn’t have done it without my friends that broke the Texas UIL STATE RECORD that was up for 18 years at the age of 18. #BMF

My philosophy professor Alin, Fumurescu. My Chinese Teacher Jhing Zhang. Thank you both for not failing me for skipping class because lord knows I didn’t deserve to pass both of your classes. I enjoyed the channel my bother Shamon issued upon me. He is smarter than me.


Source: HonorSociety.org Member Articles
I Marcus Dadrian Jones Solved Tesla’s Key to Energy in the Universe using 3,6,9 key he provided. 4/19/20

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