(Pt2) Tesla's Key to Infinite Energy. + Background of Marcus Dadrian Jones' Intelligence + 369 Key.

I’m going to be more concise, give a small background story and then give the reasons why I think he was mentioning that there were “gods” or unlimited energy stored under the pyramids. You can skip the background of me showing that my brain could possibly the brain of a genius. But I excel tremendously in psychology, life coaching, and therapy. So anyone saying I should be building rockets and using my gifts and not playing videogames. Then you’d have a misunderstanding what it feels like to have a brain that even I can’t comprehend the limits of. I fully understand myself, my limitations and realized psychology and therapy is my gift. Straying away from my craft that comes naturally to me could be considered arrogant or greedy.


************** TO SKIP ALL THE EXTR* SCROLL DOWN TOO****”Here’s the conclusion I’ve been able to come up with”

I recently just got into the University of Houston this is my second semester. If you have a class with me in either Chinese 1501 or Intro to Theory Class(Philosophy). You would have either thought I was on drugs, high or tripping. I heard the rumors just never actually cared to entertain rumors about me if no would actually ask me if they were true. When actually being in all of these honors classes with children of very successful people I just adopted their mindsets. I have the same drive or psychopathic mindset that you could find in Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Kanye West. I focus on nothing but the task at hand. I’m completely in the moment. I’ll forget names, faces, or even what today is when I’m focused. I don’t care how hard something is I consider it laughable when someone says I can’t do it. 

In Honors Classes there are Billionaires, Millionaires, Ploygots and Ryan C. Irving Jr. He asprised to be the president which was the first time I heard someone with a dream as outlandish is mine. He said it with confidence. Being in these classes I was hyper-focused on everything. I always wanted to be the best at everything growing up and some people might have thought I was being selfish at times when I just couldn’t understand them and their way of communication. In these classes, I realized that no one could accurately tell how intelligent I was because I’ve always kept my intelligence hidden because I really don’t care about being smart nor do I consider myself above average. I’m a great listener and my observation skills are great as well.

They had no clue that technically, I and my friends broke a state record that had been up for eight-teen years when I was eight-teen. Technically we changed put our names in Thurgood Marshall High school history and will be forever known as the greatest team in UIL Texas 5A History.

I was able to see how the best of the best study and break it down each and everyone one of their methods down to make it as simple as possible for me. So, I listened and watched how the smartest kids approach everything and make it simple by combining everything I learned from all of them. I began understanding Chinese at around one month but never told the teacher. The hardest part was taking Elizabeth’s advice and “don’t think in English”. I didn’t question it I could tell by the passion on her face and the number of languages that she knew her shit. She definitely knew more than me about learning languages.

It took me around a week or so to “stop thinking in English” and absorb the language like a sponge. I mostly just listened to Chinese podcasts for hours and hours even while doing things like shopping for groceries.I’m still at the elementary level but It’s easier to understand when someones speaking fast rather than slowing down for me. My brain just starts to subconsciously memorize the tone and sounds in around a month that I completely forget about the tones. I can tell what they’re saying with my understanding of Chinese grammar and the context of the sentence. Basically it’s like “slang” and piecing it together. 

I could go more into detail about myself but I’d rather finish this up as quickly as possible because trust me after 9 months of losing your mind. You actually don’t want to have to think at a high level again. Ask my philosophy professor Alin, Fumurescu at the University of Houston. Because quite frankly, I think he thought I was going insane. But telling me to calm down in the best way he could without trying to cause me to have a psychiatric breakdown because I think I would have had one if he didn’t properly use his words. I believe I was questioning the origins of life and had a hard time with self-realization during those nine months.

Now on to Tesla. (This is all theory from my studies combining different religions, cultures, languages, astrology and other geniuses I’ve been studying since I was a child). I’ve studied all of the different type of zodiac. Chinese, Native American, Zodiac and Numerology that I can compare and contrast the different systems and understand the euphemisms behind astrology.

Einstein said when asked how it felt to be the smartest man alive “I don’t know, you’ll have to ask “Nikola Tesla.” From there I began studying Nikolai Tesla since August 2019. During that summer I worked at the YMCA as a Camp Counselor at Trotter Family YMCA.

With arrogance or confidence that I wasn’t going to lose my mind when in actuality I had already began to slowly go into a deep wormhole of knowledge that could have driven me mad. Every time, I’d have these breakdowns much comparable to when Socrates froze up randomly in the streets for hours. When I slept I realized…..I think in my sleep my thoughts are still active. I slept walked and talked like as a child. I don’t think they could ever understand that I could hear the conversations sometimes even through walls while asleep. My mother classes it “too smart for your own good” when in actuality she hypnotized me as a child because I was speaking full sentences at the age of two. I remember the words clearly in my subconscious. “If someone tells you not to tell me something, you tell me.” “Always tell me before it happens and you’ll get in trouble.” So I grew up trusting my mother’s words and when she began to doubt that I was lying to her I knew something was off cause she told me there was no reason to lie to her. Once I started figuring either lie to her and tell her what she wants to hear or tell the truth and live with the punishment. I told the truth because If she was going to get mad that’s her problem ultimately for trying to raise a genius not understanding the monster that a genius actually is. I’m prone to depression and anxiety almost too easily that I don’t even feel depressed when I know I am. It just feels numb.

Now back on to Tesla and 369. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ft1waA3p2_w

After watching this video completely focused on what they found in their reason. I stopped thinking and correlated everything with the knowledge I have possessed in my 21 years of learning almost instantly yesterday. My friends and teacher whom I were emailing and texting my find thought I was going insane. When in fact I was thinking very clearly for the first time in nine months. 

“The scientists of today think deeply instead of clearly. One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane.”

Our virtues and our failings are inseparable, like force and matter. When they separate, man is no more.” My pride in myself and my physical and mental abilities are my greatest sin. It took me 23 years to finally beat my ego and trade pride for humility. Out of the seven deadly sins, pride is the most volatile especially when used for bad. I cast away my pride and realize  TRULY “I know, I know nothing.” every time I study, read or listen to someone when they talk. I absorb knowledge like a sponge with my photographic memory almost effortless.

The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.” I seen this and instantly thought. Only someone who arrogantly believes in their genius can understand what other genius’s findings were without going sane. Who’s the most confident, smartest, dumbass that I know? Me. It’s almost like the words just come to mind in a way that’s understood to a person when I’m trying to explain complex problems or speak down on to some else’s level. Hence why I’m such a good life coach/therapist/counselor. I never wanted to be a leader but people love me and flock to my personality anyways with love. So I just showed love back.“Treat others how you want to be treated.” I always wanted to be understood as a child so I took the time out to understand everyone else. Sometimes those closes to me considered me to be manipulative, psycho or just ignorant because they could never understand how my brain worked or asked. “Hey Marcus, How’d you get so smart?” “What’s it like being able to think so fast?” “What’s it like having a photographic memory?” They just assumed what they gathered about me and didn’t realize in the long periods of time when I wasn’t around. I was studying. Not cheating. Not procrastinating. I was always interested in smart people and I’m always disappointed when after a few months they have no confidence in their own intelligence or pride for the things that they’ve accomplished that could be considered extraordinary or otherworldly. The definition of genius is “exceptional intellectual or creative power or other natural ability.” My genius is more like being able to correlate thoughts with my own and say them in a way that they can understand what their problems are and what to do next: therapist/life coach/counselor. Psychology almost comes so easy to me its kind of eerie when I think about it. So I don’t. I’ve outsmarted a lot of my professors and teachers through middle-school and now in college that I don’t think they can tell. This is how I normally think. “FAST” I never try to prove that I’m smarter than the teacher or anyone. I never have tried to make someone feel dumb because that’s not what I’m in school for. I just ask questions or pay attention when something interests me or I don’t understand it. Otherwise, I’ll start off and blank out in class. I’ll be focused on the teacher’s words completely but it’ll seem as if I’m bored or not paying attention. I can give complete focus and zone out everything else completely. Noises. Smells. Sounds. Colors. and even my Perception of time will change depending on my level of focus. I’ve told my Coach Lloyd banks. “During the state 4×1 in 2015. I was seeing everything and perceiving it in what felt like slow motion.” He nicknamed me the Silent leader that year because everything “I say resonates….”  I don’t think people can understand how well I can understand them and their situations and that it creeps them out so much that it’s less stress and easier to say “god.” and go on about my life or not say anything at all. I just don’t say anything at all a lot.


“The present is theirs; the future, for which I really worked, is mine.” I listen to people and sometimes I think just because they told me what to do. That they can take credit for what I did and how I did it. In my head, all my success comes from my hard work because I didn’t have to listen to them and make the right choices throughout life. It’s very annoying when someone thinks they can understand you if they don’t ask you any questions. Most of the time older people can’t accept that there’s nothing that they can do or say. I can understand them simply because I was born smarter. I’m not being arrogant by any means it’s just that is what my life has been like. I’m so smart, I don’t even have to think or put in the effort as much as other people will have to. But, I still have to do the work. There are a lot of people who are smart but choose to be lazy and believe that something is too hard when it’s really just discipline.

“I do not think you can name many great inventions that have been made by married men.” This is going to get personal but who cares. I haven’t had sex for three years since losing my virginity at 20. The last time I had sex was April 4th, 2017. I didn’t actually care but every girl thought I was a catfish, manipulator or that I simply cant be telling the truth. When the truth is they never asked me and just assumed that other girls could understand me when my teachers couldn’t. #1 Rule of the 48 Laws of Power. Never Outshine the Master. I’m the master of my own body and mind. Ask me questions about me and DO NOT ASSUME because honestly I’ll just give u a nonchalant look and think..”what the fuck is going on right now? why is this person overreacting?” Most of the time the issue solves itself. So I learned not to react and listen because people’s different perceptions are in fact very real to them. Even if I think the issues that they have are simple. I understand that its very real and very hard for them. Oh I’m pretty sure the girl I loved since I just broke my heart last night too. so this quote hits deep. Infact, I’ve always felt heartbreak when a girl doesn’t believe me because why would I lie? I think I’m just a normal person. Nothing else. Nothing More.

The spread of civilisation may be likened to a firefirst, a feeble sparknext a flickering flamethen a mighty blazeever increasing in speed and power.” As we progress through history more geniuses will show up like Elon Musk in order to what they can to benefit humanity. I literally just want to play games and eat tacos but this corona situation has me playing therapist for all my friends that don’t understand. My college friends are depressed and I’ve received only bad news like I’m a banshee but when you’re born in the slums of Houston, Texas. You get used to bad news at a real young age. I’m chilling right now compared to last night. I had panic attacks, deleted my Instagram and thought of destroying my computer when I submitted the article from last night. It’s funny because all the people I consider to be smarter than me thought I was “tripping” but they just dont realize. I study psychology. I know the psychological definitions and the appropriate words for the things they’ve described me to. Some of them could have killed themselves but are too ignorant and their head up in their asses that they dont realize. You will die one day. I’m speaking to them in a way that they don’t understand because they believe their situations in life can only be understood by them and their limited perspective. I do not want them to die and if they want to mad please understand miscommunication is probably the root cause of all misunderstandings.


I’m tired and want to sleep. I’ll just get right into what I think Tesla trying to say when he said “energy, frequency, and vibration.”

Tesla discovered the energy underneath the pyramids might be the source of infinite energy. I broke his code because in my head he said that the universe had infinite energy divisible by 369.

This caused my brain to use all the knowledge I’ve accumulated throughout my life at once. Which was why what I wrote yesterday looked like a bunch of bull****. I was having a jimmy neutron brain blast technically.

Pay very close attention to what I’m about to explain. You are expected not to understand this unless I explain it to you in person how much research I actually did or you talk to me in person so that you can understand. I’m very sane. I don’t care if you believe this or not but some of you might “feel” it. This is the most fun I’ve ever had solving a puzzle before in my life.

Tesla discovered the energy underneath the pyramids. I just broke his code that he was mentioning when he said the universe had infinite “energy.” 369. He said that the pyramids could have not made by man and that the power under the tombs were graves of “gods”.
One is All, All is One.3 pyramids. 3 Sons of Good. 3 Relationships with good. Mind, Body, Spirit.  3 Relationships with god are. Islam of the eastern hemisphere. Buddhism of the Mind. Christianity of the western civilization. (US).”


It’s about to get more confusing but practical so bare with me. In that video YouTube video,I watched “Nikola Tesla- Limitless Energy & the Pyramids of Egypt.” I think im more than capable to understand what he wasn’t able to comprehend due to not having the internet which is a limitless source of knowledge that I’ve been exploiting since I was kid. Thank you Mother for buying that big blue computer when I was two.

Here’s the conclusion I’ve been able to come up with since my IQ is well over 140. This are my own words please do not take any offense by them I’ve just been studying cultures, religions, history as well as listening to people when they say bizarre things instead of questioning or doubt them.

Use the 369 key and what do you get depending on how the different religious leaders Islam, Buddhas and Christians. Use the 369 key to unlock the different societies’ mindsets that act against the religion. So for example, the Chinese love money and in the Chinese society money is god so we’ll give them 6. Christianity focuses on the spirit so we’ll give them 3. Buddhists focus on the detachment from material objects so we’ll give them 9.

I used the 369 and what I’ve studied and heard from people to put together this perspective. I’ve been listening to people since I was two so mind you. This will confuse you.

Using the 369 key and the limited knowledge I have about the world and the multiple religions I studied personally. I always felt drawn to Islam, Buddhist and Christianity. I won’t go into further details why you are allowed to believe in whatever you want to I dont judge. Im going to be a therapist for a reason.

Let’s say In China they love money and money could possibly be considered their god due to the dramatic industrial change they’ve had over the past decades. We’ll say they love money and give them a 6. Christianity in my eyes emphasizes on the spirit so we’ll give them 3. Buddhism focuses on detachment from material objects so we’ll give them 9.

Pay very close attention. I’m about to blow your mind.

(3) Christianity, Western Half of the World, Soul. 

(6) Buddhism, Inner Peace, Mind.

(9) Islam, Eastern Half of the world(Muslims) Body.

 3-Pyramids were tombs. Jesus Christ which focuses on the soul (3). Siddhartha Gautama which focuses on the detachment from the body through detachment of world possessions or freeing the mind(6). Because I haven’t looked into Islam as much as the other two religions lets just say fuck it and put Abu al-Qaism Muhammad at (9).


So there are pyramids full of untapped energy that the smartest man know to humanity didn’t live long enough to have the internet to even justify why could the tombs have had so much energy under them? You want to know what the this generations lazy genius Marcus Dadrian Jones thinks after 9 months of losing his mind or coming back to his senses? 

3 – Jesus Christ

6- Siddhartha Guatama

9- Abu al-Qaism Muhamad

 could be what Nikolia Tesla found. TOMBS OF GODS. I almost went mad and was seeing numbers for months. It just so happen that I put everything together last night after losing my mind around the corona situation and why is everyone coming me with their bad news like I can handle it because I can. It’s just I view myself as a normal person.

I can definitely see why him and Einstein went insane. Where do my thoughts come from? How am I able to sit through a 30minute view and after watching it guess what the smartest man in human history has found. Fun puzzle Tesla left almost lost my mind trying to piece together an answer I felt I could explain without sounding like I’m on drugs. Believe me, everyone, yesterday thought I was on drugs. They just have no idea how fast I can think or how much I actually forget about personal hygiene until I finish or conclude my thoughts. Hearing about how all of your friends are killing themselves, depressed and almost gotten killed over and over throughout since this year started. “Made Me Think.” as my philosophy professor would have worded it. I have a natural god-given gift of intelligence that even I nor my family could accurately say the limits of my intelligence. It just depends on what I feel like doing and most of the time it’s something thats fun or what im passionate about.

This concludes how I used Tesla’s 369 key to solve the key to infinite energy in the universe. I could be wrong though im still a dumb college student. I just do enough just to pass the class depending on what my gpa needs at that point in time and live my life.

Heres a link to an article I wrote about what an average day of someone with 140+ IQ is like that i wrote on Quora.People with an IQ of 140 or above, what does a typical day look like for you?” https://qr.ae/TewkoO

This all started because I heard Kanye said he’s the Einstein of this Generation. In my head I said “Bitch, Im the Tesla. No, I’m Marcus Dadrian Jones. The Lazy Genius.”The one who will be the best Therapist/Counselor/Life Coach in the world. Not because of a degree. It’s because I care about people and I’m a perfectionist.

I do owe a lot of credit to Jay-Z. His albums resonated with me so much and sped up the process of the confusion of my spiritual journey in this world. If I met him I’d tell him. “I went from Reasonable Doubt to 4:44 in 23 years. Whos the Jigga Man Now?” It’s an euphemism that only jay or someone who see’s him as a mentor through life would understand. Took breaking tesla’s code and listening to all his music and life experiences that helped me make it thought my dark times in my life. When from my perspective even my own mother couldn’t understand my intentions because she had no clue that raising a genius is not an easy thing. You should never try to do it or beware of what you’re raising.

Like how can’t people see my vision? I’m not trying to exist in this world, make money and then die. If I can’t help humanity with all I’ve learned from psychology and my natural ability to genuinely connect to people and their problems then may the “gods” help us lol. I’m not going to be a billionaire because I wanted to be reach. I have empathy, I dont feel pity about people in their situations because I never felt pity for my situation I grew up in and most importantly I want to help the world in the way I feel that comes most natural to me lets call it “having a passion so passionate, your willing to die for it.”

Breaking a state record, changing history at 18, then getting depressed what else can I put my blood, sweat, and tear into? Would I ever find my passion again. It send me into a depression that I couldn’t even call it depression because I was so persent in the moment. I’ll call it years of deep thinking or meditation. 

But yea I’m still a broke college student with 5 dollars in my bank account at the moment after corona. My new Instagram is”marcusdadrian“after deleting “helpingsun” after a panic attack because of realizing how smart I actually could be and why is it possible for a human to be that smart. Especially Me. I never asked or wanted any of this but never cared honestly. I just focused on school and sports and played videogames all night. Almost destroyed my computer too lol payed too much for it. I’m not stat stupid how would i buy a new one?

Thank everyone who believed and me ane especially my teachers from my first semester of University of Houston. Alin, fumurescu & Jing Zhang. I should have failed both of your classes for skipping and never studying but yea i just dont like school its boring and repitive and im a horrible student. 

Please check out my Quora post about how it feels to have an average day. https://qr.ae/TewkoO so you can understand why im so eccentric. My brain just works differently and I dont force myself to do anything that I dont want to do.

“To understand something you can’t explain. Listen. Ask Questions. That is the key to success. Sometimes it’s just listening to yourself.” – Marcus Jones

“Although I cannot move and I have to speak through a computer, in my mind I am free.” -Stephen Hawkings

“Although I cannot be understood, in my mind im thinking clearly.” -Marcus D. Jones

“Although I am trapped in this body, in my mind I am free.” – Marcus D. Jones

I could be just be stating nonsense and completely be smarter than everyone. I honestly don’t care, I had fun studying him. That’s all that matters to me. Having fun and my relationships with my friends.







Source: HonorSociety.org Member Articles
(Pt2) Tesla’s Key to Infinite Energy. + Background of Marcus Dadrian Jones’ Intelligence + 369 Key.

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