Suffering from a Case of College Homesickness?

Suffering from a Case of College Homesickness?

Suffering from a Case of College Homesickness?

Though you couldn’t get away fast enough to begin your independent freshman journey, suffering from a case of college homesickness is completely normal.

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Nearly 70 percent of college students suffer from homesickness during their first year in college. You may be surprised that you experience homesickness when you’re away from home.

Remember, you couldn’t get away fast enough when you were back home. You just wanted the independent freshman journey to get underway.

However, college homesickness is absolutely normal. You leaving your old life behind while you struggle to adapt to the changes in your new life in college.

But there are a couple of steps you can take to deal with the effects of homesickness in college. Learn more below!

1. Keep in Touch with Home

Just because you’re far away from your family and friends back home, it doesn’t mean that you can’t keep in touch.

You can phone, email, or message regularly. Plus, you can always use Skype and Facetime to see the faces of your loved ones. 

However, don’t go overboard. You can stay in touch with your parents without calling them numerous times during the day. You’ve got to embrace your new experiences without constantly checking in with your folks.

Also, going to the old-fashioned way by sending letters can make you feel especially close to your family back home. You’ll be regularly receiving letters, which can really exciting when you move to a new place.

2. Create a Home at College

Homesickness isn’t really about missing your home and family. It’s just that you’re upset by the disruption to your routines and familiar people and places.

It takes some time to settle into your new surroundings. You’ve got to be patient with yourself.

Get started with creating a home at college. You can transform your student digs into a home with decorations and photographs from home.

3. Join the College Community

You may be surprised how much your friends can influence your health. It’s common to experience loneliness when you arrive at college.

But you can fight off these feelings by joining the college community. Throw yourself into sports teams and social groups.

You can connect with your fellow college students at the Honor Society. This allows you to combine academic achievements with a strong social life.

4. Don’t go Home Constantly

It can really be tempting to go back home whenever you get the chance.

It’s important to see your family while you’re at college. This is especially true about family events, such as Thanksgiving or Christmas. 

However, you should resist the temptation to go home constantly. You need to allow yourself time to establish your life on campus.

If every weekend you get the chance, you traveling back home for a couple of days, you’re going to miss out even more.

5. Stay Healthy

If you let your health slip, you’re only going to worsen your homesickness. Therefore, you need to do the right things to stay healthy.

Unfortunately, 59 percent of college students suffer from malnutrition due to a poor diet. This can contribute to numerous mental health problems as well. 

This is partly due to financial challenges. And yet, you need to make sure you’re eating a healthy and balanced diet while at college.

You should also do exercise and stay physically active while you at college. This can help by joining sports teams and working out in the college gym.

6. Speak to Someone

Talking about your homesickness can help a lot.

Consider speaking with another college student. You’ll quickly realize that you’re not the only suffering from homesickness.

You may also pick up some hints about how to cope. 

If things become worse, you can also seek the help of a professional therapist. You should inquire about whether there counseling on campus or not.

7. Stay Committed 

Around 30 percent of freshmen at college don’t return for the sophomore year. 

There are many reasons why people may not follow through after their freshman year at college. However, it’s important not to give up too soon because of homesickness.

The transition to a new environment and lifestyle is never without problems. However, eventually, you’ll learn to adjust to your new surroundings. 

8. Bring Home Comforts

You need to gradually ease yourself into your new life at college. Make the whole process easier by bringing comforts from home with you to help you to settle into your new home.

This could include your favorite cuddly toy or a special bowl. Even the smallest items can go a long way to helping you overcome homesickness.

9. Concentrate on Your Studies

It could be that you need a distraction from missing home. Just concentrating on your studies can help you to adjust.

Remember, that’s the reason you’re at college anyway. Attending your classes and spending time studying can help you to take your mind off home.

10. Avoid Too Much Time Alone

College students are spending an increasing amount of time alone in their bedrooms. This is a recipe for homesickness. 

Do you find yourself spending hours and hours on social media while in your room? You need to make changes fast. 

Getting outside to making friends, attending lectures and getting involved in college events. 

College Homesickness

It’s horrible when you experience college homesickness. But, it helps to realize that it’s perfectly normal to take time to adapt to your new surroundings.

There are things you can do to speed up the adjustment to your new life. From spending time making friends and staying healthy, you can quickly fight homesickness.

If you’re interested in learning about the Honor Society, get in touch with us now to discover more. 

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Suffering from a Case of College Homesickness?

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