What is the Future of Higher Education & Scholarships?

The Future of Higher Ed & Scholarships

“Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another.” – G. K. Chesterton


As we sit here today, amid the COVID-19 shutdown, students everywhere are learning from home. Higher education has gone fully digital, with the world of fin-tech reigning supreme. It came sooner than most colleges were prepared for, yet we are all adjusting to the best of our ability.


This shift should provide some insight and implications to where the industry is heading right now, as well as what you need to know about scholarships before we wrap this book up. Here are some of our predictions to follow:


  • More courses will be offered online than ever before. Coronavirus will end, but colleges have already established the infrastructure they need to teach classes online. Teachers and professors are adjusting, as well as students. With Zoom, FaceTime, and interactive learning tools, it’s amazing what we can do right from home. Since universities are going to be facing tuition problems, more of them are going to start offering these courses right through the internet. That means you will be able to attend school somewhere halfway around the world, right from home.


  • Colleges will work to cut costs. Colleges are going to have a hard time coming out of coronavirus in good standing. They are going to need to cut costs, which is why going entirely digital is something you are going to want to monitor. However, cut costs means you might be dealing with more favorable tuitions in the future.


  • Colleges will be accepting of special scholarships that kick-start the economy. Colleges will need to brand themselves amicably when the dust settles. They will be willing to work with specialized scholarships that get them good press. Be on the lookout for this kind of post-coronavirus scholarships that you and your family can certainly capitalize from.


  • Universities will consider the value of accepting American students over international students. Universities that were reliant on foreign students are going to reevaluate their enrollment right now. Since most are going to remain home or fail to return for the fall semester, these universities are going to have a financial problem. This might cause them to reflect on the benefits of investing in American students.


  • A more localized education experience will make it easier for you to find local scholarships. Everything is going back to that local level right now. We are reevaluating globalism and the potential fallout of being spread too thinly. This kind of local mindset will make it easier for students to get their hands on local scholarships, which as we have said before, can be all you need to make your educational dream a reality.


The Concept of the Scholarship Will Never Be Shaken

So long as nonprofits and community charities are in existence, like the Honor Society Foundation, we are going to ensure there are scholarships available to deserving students. No matter what changes happen in a society, those at the top know that education is a cornerstone attribute of any successful and wealthy country. Education will always be a priority in the U.S., which is why scholarships will always be at your disposal, no matter your age or background.


We don’t want anyone to worry that coronavirus will impact scholarships. If anything, it will inspire those to create new scholarships to help families that have had to weather this storm. We’re all in this together.


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What is the Future of Higher Education & Scholarships?

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