11+ Academic Honors Examples for Your College Application

Are you preparing to enter college next year?

It might sound too early, but the fall is actually the perfect time to start working on assembling your application materials! As you begin to look at schools and consider your coursework, it’s smart to go ahead and get your accolades in order, too.

Did you know that admissions officers read every application, paying close attention to any academic honors you’ve received? In addition to your Honor Society membership, there are many others you should be sure to list.

Today, we’re sharing 12 examples of academic honors that you may be able to include on your college application. While some might be obvious, others are easier to miss, so let’s get started!

The Honor Society

Are you a member of The Honor Society? We’re a nationally recognized society focused on leadership and academic merit, dedicated to recognizing and rewarding students across the country. From scholarships and career services to networking opportunities and valuable discounts, there are many perks to joining our ranks!

Members are absolutely encouraged to list this distinctive membership on their college applications! We can also help you find Honor cords, tassels, and more to make your graduation truly memorable. 

AP Scholar

The College Board allows high school students to take college-level courses and earn college credit through its Advanced Placement (AP) program. Every year, the AP Program recognizes a select group of AP Scholars from those who participate.

You can become an AP Scholar by receiving a score of 3 or greater on three or more AP exams. Above this rank, there are other distinctions, including AP Scholar with Honor and AP Scholar With Distinction. 

Honor Roll

When you were younger, you might have been able to cash in your honor roll recognition for free ice cream or pizza in town! Now, however, the rewards are much sweeter.

Listing your honor roll participation on your college application reveals your dedication to academic integrity. It proves that, even as you juggled extracurriculars and other duties, you didn’t let your studies slip.

Grade Point Average

Your honor roll placement and your grade point average (GPA) go hand-in-hand.

If you’ve made the A or A/B honor roll, your GPA is likely pretty high! This is a short and simple addition to your honors section that can speak volumes to prospective colleges.

National Merit Scholar

To win National Merit Scholarship, you’ll need to take the PSAT by October of your junior year of high school.

If you score around the top 1%, you’ll enter the running as a semi-finalist for the scholarship, receiving notification by September of you senior year. From there, you can compete to become a finalist, which requires submitting an application that includes your academic record; a recommendation, and an essay.

If you receive the award, you’ll become recognized as a National Merit Scholar, which can definitely give your college application a boost.

The President’s Award

There are two different President’s Education Awards given to elementary, middle and high school students. They include the President’s Award for Educational Achievement and the President’s Award for Educational Excellence.

The former is awarded to students who have shown remarkable growth and improvement in their studies, while the latter is reserved for those who achieve high academic success in the classroom. Both are to be applauded and can enhance your application.

School Subject Awards

Does your high school recognize certain students for their excellent performance in a given subject? For instance, five of the top graduating seniors might receive an award for excelling in AP math. 

While these awards will vary in name from school to school, they’re all equally illustrious and certainly worthy of a spot on your college application!

Class Rank Recognition

Sometimes, an academic honor isn’t commemorated by a plaque or medal. Rather, it’s simply a number.

Are you one of the top 10 students in your graduating class? What about the top 5% or 10%? Your guidance counselor can let you know your exact class rank so you’ll know how to accurately list it.

Attendance Awards

Don’t scoff at a Perfect Attendance award or think it doesn’t deserve a place on your application. This is an important distinction that shows admissions officers that you’ve worked hard in high school, possessing a great degree of dedication. 

Of course, one that spans your entire, four-year academic career is the most impressive!

Academic Contest Prize

Did you compete in the Quiz Bowl? What about the National Science Bowl or National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo)? From spelling bees to book trivia contests, there are many different kinds of acacemic contests that allow high school students to showcase their knowledge.

If you or your team did well in any of these contests, include your rank in the academic honors section of your application!

Student-of-the-Month Award

Many high schools will award special students who go above and beyond, demonstrating impressive leadership skills, character traits or academic excellence.

Did you receive such an award at any point during your high school career? If so, list it with pride!

Foreign Language Award

Deciding to learn a foreign language is an impressive endeavor at any age, let alone while you’re also trying to juggle your high school studies. 

Any foreign language award received is a high honor and one to definitely list. One of the most recognized ones is called The Seal of Biliteracy, though there are other organizations that also recognize students who graduate knowing more than one language.

List Your Academic Honors With Pride

You’ve worked hard to earn the academic honors you receive. When you’re ready to begin thinking about college, don’t forget to remember these recognitions!

Sometimes, achievements that you might not consider particularly noteworthy reveal the depths of your character and commitment. Give this step plenty of thought and you’ll be well on your way toward crafting an attention-worthy application!

Looking to add more distinctions to your list? Join The Honor Society today and start reaping the benefits!

Source: HonorSociety.org Member Articles
11+ Academic Honors Examples for Your College Application

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