2015 HonorSociety.org Scholarship Winners Announced

2015 HonorSociety.org Scholarship Winners Announced

HonorSociety.org announced the 2015 national scholarship winners for the honor society this past November. This was an exciting month for the members and winners as their achievements are not only now recognized locally, but also nationally. The scholarship categories include Community Service, Study Abroad, Member Spotlight, Undergraduate Achiever, and Graduate Achiever. HonorSociety.org is proud of these members who have demonstrated that they are excelling as students and as HonorSociety.org members both on and off campus.

HonorSociety.org presents these scholarships and awards to its highest achieving members. This is one of the core reasons why HonorSociety.org exists. Through scholarships, members are able to dream bigger and reach further knowing that they are financially supported.

2015 Award Winners and Finalists

Community Service Scholarship

The Community Service Scholarship seeks to reward an ambitious student who is involved in a community service program. The amount awarded is $1,000. This year’s Community Service Scholarship went to Brittani Staleyof Michigan State University. Brittani is majoring in Social Work.

Community Services Finalists:

Kendall Baab of CSULB
Gurjot Bhathal of PSU

Study Abroad Scholarship

The Study Abroad Scholarship seeks to reward an ambitious student who is currently enrolled in or plans to partake in a study abroad program. This year’s Study Abroad Scholarship recipient was Nnenna Umelloh of The University of Houston. Nnenna is majoring in Marketing and Women’s Studies.

Study Abroad Finalists:

Morgan Omps of Oklahoma State University
Nicole Ziege of WKU

Member Spotlight Scholarship

The Member Spotlight Scholarship rewards HonorSociety.org members who create and participate in a member spotlight video. The member spotlight videos showcase HonorSociety.org members, their personalities and their outstanding achievements. This year’s Member Spotlight recipient was Angela Medvedeva of UH. Angela is a Psychology major.

Member Spotlight Finalists

Savannah Aigner of VCU
Jonathan Parker of CCGA

Undergraduate Achiever Scholarship

The Undergraduate Achiever Scholarship seeks to reward an ambitious undergraduate student who has performed at a superior rate both academically and holistically. This year’s Undergraduate Achiever recipient is Cameron Mercer of Penn State. Cameron is a Biomedical Engineering major with a focus in Biomaterials.

Undergraduate Achiever Finalists

Jiance Xiao of The University of Wisconsin
Luke Oetzel of The University of Wisconsin

Graduate Achiever Scholarship

The Graduate Achiever Scholarship seeks to reward an ambitious graduate student who has performed at a superior rate both academically and holistically. The 2015 Graduate Achiever recipient was Rachana Poudel of Oklahoma State University. Rachana is studying Food Science and Technology.

Graudate Achiever Finalists

Ali Khoubani of Oregon State
Kevin Matthew Parme of The University of Texas at Austin

HonorSociety.org is proud of all of the winners and finalists for achieving such great work throughout the past year.

About HonorSociety.org

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