Adhyan Prasad: Highest Honors Scholarship Recipient

Hello! My name is Adhyan Prasad, and I am currently a senior at Whitefish Bay High School in Wisconsin. I am very grateful to be selected as a recipient of the Highest Honors Student Scholarship, and this will prove to be valuable in helping me finance my educational pursuits at the  university I decide to attend. I have been involved with many extracurricular activities during my years of high school. I have earned four varsity letters in swimming and have qualified for both sectionals and state, representing my school in the 500 freestyle and the 100 breaststroke.

Competing in swimming has helped  me to make many friendships with those in and outside of my school, as well as nurture my competitive spirit. On the academic side, I have participated in our school’s Model United Nations and SMART (Students Modeling a Research Topic) teams. Model UN offered me a chance to gain  experience and learn new skills in the field of public policy, but most importantly helped me develop my interpersonal and communication abilities. SMART Team, on the other hand, allowed me to gain research experience, provided me a path to securing an internship during my senior year and most importantly allowed me to discover my passion for chemical and bioengineering, which I intend to do a bachelor’s degree in.

I firmly believe that I have an obligation to serve my community, which I have done through my involvement in the Boy Scouts of America (in which I earned my Eagle Scout Rank in 2019), as well as serving on staff for the National Youth Leadership Training courses from 2018-2020. Furthermore, I volunteer with kids at our local day-camp during the summers and tutor math at Mathnasium as one of my part-time jobs in addition to lifeguarding. Everything that I have been involved in outside of school I do in order to help others, and there is nothing more rewarding to me than helping someone else achieve their goals, regardless of what those may be. I plan on joining a volunteer organization wherever I may end up going to college, whether that be a local tutoring initiative or a global organization like Engineers Without Borders. I have a great desire to travel somewhere else as a part of my undergraduate education, and this scholarship can help finance that.

There is much groundbreaking research being done in other countries, and now I have a financially-friendly way to take part in global research, something I have always wanted to do. If not globally, this scholarship would also provide me with an opportunity to conduct research within the United States. Most importantly, this scholarship reduces the burden that my family may feel in helping me navigate college expenses, and I am very grateful to Honor Society for allowing me to fully follow my goals in my undergraduate experience.

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Adhyan Prasad: Highest Honors Scholarship Recipient

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