Alex Humphrey: Fall 2022 Emerging Leaders Scholarship Recipient

My name is Alex Humphrey, I live in Henderson, Nevada, and I’m going into my freshman year of college. I attended high school at Coronado High School and I will be going to the University of Nevada, Reno where I plan to dual major in computer science and engineering as well as electrical engineering with a RAVES (robotics, autonomous/ aerial vehicles, and embedded systems) emphasis.

As well as studying engineering, I wish to continue my education in Japanese, which I have been studying for four years. I also intend to be a part of UNR’s symphonic and jazz band ensembles as a baritone saxophone- an instrument I have been practicing for seven years. Outside of the classroom, I enjoy cooking, playing video games, and playing other instruments such as the guitar, drums, and keyboard.

After obtaining my bachelor’s degree and possibly my master’s degree from UNR. I plan to attend graduate school to earn a Ph.D. and become the Humphrey to obtain a Doctorate. With this knowledge and prestige, I plan to work in the research industry, where I would ideally build supercomputers and develop AI and machine learning systems. Being awarded this scholarship means that I will be able to pursue my education to the fullest extent as I no longer have to concern myself with finances. Instead of stressing about the finances of my education, I can set my mind to nothing but my studies, ultimately benefiting myself as a student. Even beyond my education, I will be able to work to improve the world without having to concern myself with student debt.

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Alex Humphrey: Fall 2022 Emerging Leaders Scholarship Recipient

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