Get to Know the Academic Honor Society's Top Chapters

The experiences you have at university can shape the rest your life. However, unlike high school, it’s your responsibility to make those experiences valuable ones.

If you’re serious about your enriching your university experience and creating high caliber opportunities for yourself, in order to create the best life for yourself as an adult, there’s no better way to do that than by joining an academic honor society. Even academic staff join chapter boards as a way to improve their professional experience.

Through activities, workshops, mentoring with faculty, networking with like-minded peers and professionals, as well as other resources, joining an academic honor society refines the transition between being a student and becoming a contributing member of society.

Check out these top-performing honor societies to see firsthand how they can transform your college experience.

2017 Platinum Chapters

University of Houston

This academic honor society exemplifies the spirit of leadership that all our honor societies embody.

At this chapter, members get together to organize events that not only benefit students but the community as well. For example, last year they hosted a gun awareness workshop that is so important in today’s climate.

Pennsylvania State University

This Pennsylvania chapter is hosted at a 163-year-old school that is one of the top ranking schools in many departments, including geology, nuclear engineering, and developmental psychology.

Because so many Penn State students are academically competitive, joining this chapter is an excellent way to secure lucrative internships after graduation.

University of Texas at San Antonio

This is one of the biggest schools in Texas, meaning that you have a lot of competition. As a member of the University of Texas at San Antonio’s chapter, you can get an edge on the competition.

This honor society is a great addition to your resume, as employers like to see extracurricular activities. While sports may get you a good scholarship, they’re not as relevant in the workplace.

2017 Gold Chapters

University of Texas at El Paso

With over 20,000 students, joining the University of Texas at El Paso’s academic honor society is a great way to meet new people. Not only will you make new friends, but you can meet the right people to help you achieve your academic and professional goals.

Whenever you feel stuck or unmotivated in your college career, you can turn to your chapter members for help. They may even help you find the perfect internship after you graduate.

Fort Valley State University

This university, located in Fort Valley, Georgia, is an excellent school. With a 19:1 student-faculty ratio, you are receiving a quality education with the finest resources.

You can get even more resources by joining their chapter. As with all chapters, member have benefits that the general population of university students don’t receive. This is especially true for specific scholarships.

Other benefits may include access to job banks and study abroad opportunities. Even after graduation, you will have a lifetime membership that guarantees you access to these perks.

DeVry University at North Brunswick

This chapter opened on October 31, 2016, is located at DeVry’s campus in New Brunswick, New Jersey. It is recognized for its amazing community service efforts, connecting students and the community to help make the world a better place.

The founding chapter president, Arooba Najaf, stated, “As the President of the Honor Society I am involved to make the new chapter successful for new students but also beyond the campus,” making it clear that this chapter is dedicated to humanitarianism its philanthropic goals.

Capital University

As a student at a high-ranking university in Ohio, you’ve already got an edge. However, you’re still competing with thousands entering the job market every year.

The goal-oriented network provided by these academic chapters can be accessed both online and on campus.

The member discounts extend beyond school, and even into the travel industry, health, dining, and Uber. There are even numerous scholarship opportunities that members can take advantage of, whereas regular students cannot.

Arguably, the best advantage of these chapters is the job assistance that other students will wish they had. With more and more education potential employees graduating every year, an honor society membership gives students the edge they need to secure the job they want. Members even have lifetime access for the job search tools.

2017 Silver Chapters

North Carolina Central University

This Alpha Beta chapter is also known as a professional fraternity, which is not uncommon in an academic honor society. When you combine two great university organizations, the only result is something even greater.

At this chapter, students can celebrate their talents while giving back to the community, as they’ve done in such places as Eagle General Hospital on campus.

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Like many other honor societies, this successful chapter is also part of a professional fraternity.

At the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, this academic honor society has been led by some of the most prestigious students, like former president and pre-law student Lindsay Cardosi.

She shared how her honor society experience shaped her, saying, “It has taught me more about leadership and how to manage time even more than I had to before.”

Northern Arizona University

At this academic honor society chapter, you have the perfect opportunity to showcase your talents and accomplishments, as well as network with the best of your university.

An honor society like the one at Northern Arizona University will give you exclusive access to networking events that the average students will not have. It’s the best way to distinguish yourself from the thousands of other students.

Additionally, you can use the honor society as a platform to promote yourself. Your membership provides you with special advantages.

Your Academic Honor Society

If your university has an academic honor society chapter, don’t hesitate to reach out and show up for a meeting to learn more about how you can elevate your university experience.

If your campus lacks an chapter, contact us to find out how you can start one. While being a member of a chapter is certainly impressive, there’s nothing more impressive than leading one.

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Get to Know the Academic Honor Society’s Top Chapters

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