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Honor Society Movie (2022): Movie Review

The main plot of the new Honor Society movie is a high school senior trying to receive a recommendation from her guidance counselor, Mr. Calvin (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) in order to get into Harvard. Things go awry when she attempts to take out her top competitors, only to gain affection for one of them in the process.

Not only does she want the recommendation for Harvard, but she wants to be the first to receive it from this specific counselor (who has Harvard connections) out of her peers, making this not only a competition, but a race for time. Willing to do whatever it takes, Honor comes with a plan to take down not one, not two, but her three top student competitors, but upon falling for her biggest competition, things become complicated, to say the least.

Honor Rose, the main character, is written to be versatile, witty, and above all else, the visage of the “perfect student”– rounded out with great grades, a philanthropic streak and a ton of extracurricular activities lining her resume. 

This movie is just one of many that seem to be returning to the mid 2000’s “YA Novel”-types, with the overall feeling being both relatable and lighthearted for students who are in the same age group as the characters in the movies. It’s also a return to summer blockbusters, after the movie industry saw such a downturn in ticket sales with the coming of the pandemic. 

“We’re excited to build upon our YA film slate for 2022 with Honor Society, a hilarious and bold coming-of-age comedy anchored by two of today’s hottest rising stars, Angourie Rice and Gaten Matarazzo. Viewers will absolutely fall in love with Honor’s wit, intellect and tenacity, and we can’t wait for our audience to meet her,” Studer, the producer at Awesomeness Films, told Deadline.

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Honor Society Movie (2022): Movie Review

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