How to Build Your Career and Be Successful at Work

Studies show that most people have the “bigger house syndrome” when it comes to success. Participants claimed that upgrades to their car, house, and bank account would signify success.

We also know that money can’t buy happiness. And, success is different for everyone.

For you to achieve success, you must define it for yourself. Build your career in a way that aligns with what you want. What do you want?

Wondering how to create your own blueprint for success? Keep reading to learn eight keys to building a successful career.

1. Create a Killer Resume

Your resume has the power to land you an interview. It must demonstrate your skills, experience, and personality.

It also needs to be void of any mistakes. That means no spelling or grammar errors. And, no poor formatting choices like not leaving enough white space.

Each resume you make should target the specific job you’re applying for. You don’t need to list every single accomplishment you’ve had for the last 20 years. Only include relevant and recent experiences.

Create a master resume list to keep on your computer at home. This list can have every accomplishment, job, and award you’ve ever gotten. Then, you can copy relevant points from this list to the resume you’re working on.

2. Get Passionately Curious

Every topic and industry can be fascinating if you look at it the right way. Train yourself to get fascinated by every aspect of your day.

By doing so, you’ll find more passion for your job. Challenge yourself to learn everything about your industry and company.

That could include taking further educational classes outside of work. Or, attending non-obligatory work conferences and seminars.

The more passion you feel for your job, the more satisfaction it’ll bring. When we feel satisfied at work, we’re more likely to feel successful.

3. Step it Up

Put your days of being a wallflower behind you. It’s time to step it up at work and start using initiative.

Train yourself to participate in the workplace. That could mean throwing yourself into team projects. Or, volunteering to stay late when needed.

If you have ideas of how the business could improve, suggest them. Better yet, start working on a solution on your own. Then show your boss what you’ve come up with.

Your bosses will recognize your openness and dedication. This could lay the framework for promotions in the future. Plus, it’s more fun to get involved than sit on the sidelines.

4. Never Stop Networking

You never know when an awesome opportunity could present itself. Or, how a new friendship could impact your life.

Even if you’re in a job you love, continue to network. Attend company events; meet people from different departments. Try to build authentic connections by taking a real interest in getting to know others.

When you collect business cards at a networking event, make notes on the back. After the event is over, go through the cards and note the connections you made. It could be what you had in common, what their business does, or how you could help them.

Follow up with connections to keep the communication lines open. One day, they might have a dream job open that you’re perfect for. Or, they could give you life-changing advice on finding success in the workplace.

5. Be a Team Player

To be successful at work, you need a strong team around you. For those people to support you, you need to provide them with leadership and compassion.

Start to build your career success by learning how to be a team player.

Offer to help with other’s projects, carry your weight in team projects, and listen well. Listen twice as much as you speak. Treat everyone you meet with understanding and friendliness.

Help lift your co-workers up. Show that you’re not a show-stealer or ego-maniac. In interpersonal relationships, actions speak louder than words.

When you have good relationships at work, it shows your value. Not only will you feel happier, but you might even land more leadership opportunities.

6. Complete Communication

Work on all forms of communication skills to excel at work. The number one communication skill is listening. Train yourself to listen fully before responding.

Your written communication is also important. Can you convey your ideas clearly and concisely through email?

Most people get nervous about presentations and speeches. If you can learn to enjoy them and do them well, you won’t be nervous. Practice public speaking at every chance you get.

7. Set Your Own Goals

You might have dreams of running the company one day. For now, set personal goals in your career.

For starters, you could have the goal of becoming a team leader or manager at work. What does it take to get there? Create a game plan of how you’re going to achieve that goal.

You could also set a monetary goal for the next fundraiser at work. Give it your all and raise as much money for charity as you can.

It’s important to get used to feeling like a winner at work. The more goals you achieve, the harder you’ll work for the next ones. Hard work pays off with success in one way or another.

8. Solutions Over Problems

No one likes a complainer. Some people struggle to see the positive side of challenges. These people aren’t the ones who find solutions.

Instead, be the person who finds a solution before complaining.

Understand how valuable a challenge can be to test yourself and build skills. Be grateful for the opportunity to learn from your mistakes.

Positivity like this will show your boss that’s you’re a do-er and not a complainer. These are the people that get promotions and bonuses. If you want to be successful, do something about it.

Let Us Help You Build Your Career

Once you master the skills above, you’ll be on your way to a successful career. It’s important to know what success means to you so you know how to achieve it.

Honor Society can help you get closer to your career goals. Use our Job Search Resource Center to land the right job and build your career.

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How to Build Your Career and Be Successful at Work

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