Involvement Fair at the University of Arkansas

Who was there?

  • Kinnary Patel Chapter
  • President
  • Yogesh Patel, Vice President
  • Abhiyan Pandit, Member success chair
  • Sudip Pokharel  Community service chair
  • Mohamed Abdeen  Faculty Relations and success chair


What was the event about?

Tabling Event: SOOIE Fall Involvement Fair 2019


Memorable moments:

  • Met students of the University of Arkansas, all majors and some were? interested to join Honor Society.
  • We played introductory video from the Honor Society website, which explained what the Honor Society was and how it can further our student experience. 
  • The event was held to recruit new members to the Beta Psi Honor Society Chapter


Where did the event take place?

 The event took place at the Arkansas Union, International connections lounge, University of Arkansas.


When did the event take place?

The event took place on February 13th, 2019 from 11:00 to 2:00 PM.


Source: Member Articles
Involvement Fair at the University of Arkansas

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