What HonorSociety.org Has Done for Me by Lyndsay Hobbs

What HonorSociety.org Has Done for Me by Lyndsay Hobbs

Being a member of HonorSociety.org has completely changed my life for the better.  From the moment that I got my invitation to join, I knew that I made the right decision by becoming a member.  This organization has opened the door to many opportunities for me, opportunities that I never thought were possible.  While I will be giving my own experiences during this article, I will also be talking about the overall benefits of being a member of HonorSociety.org, benefits that you may or may not be taking advantage of.  If you are not, I highly recommend that you do.

1.  I have become an online blogger.  Being an online blogger is something that I have always had in the back of mind, and with HonorSociety.org, I have been given that opportunity.  I love sharing my book reviews, school advice, and my journey on being pre-law with other members of this great organization because it gives me a chance to share my voice with others.  Being a featured writer also allows me to continue to develop my writing skills, something that will help me in my quest to going to law school.  If you are interested in being a featured writer, please let someone know as it is an amazing opportunity.

2.  You have opportunities for scholarships.  Let’s all be real for a moment, college is EXPENSIVE!!  Many college students do not have the resources to get scholarships or to pay for college; by being a member of HonorSociety.org, we have opportunities for several scholarships every month.  Since they are offered every month, you will have multiple opportunities to receiving a scholarship!  How awesome is that?!?!?

3.  You have opportunities for internships.  HonorSociety.org and Dream Careers have teamed up to give us the amazing opportunity to find our dream internship.  They offer internships in amazing locations from Washington D.C. to Paris to London and other exotic locations.  There are also a variety of internship types to discover from fashion to law.  Be sure to check it out!

4.  You have the opportunity to travel.  HonorSociety.org has several member trips that go to amazing locations!  They have recently had a trip to Washington D.C. and has even gone to Washington D.C.  There are also HonorSociety.org leadership conferences that bring members together to focus more on building their leadership skills.

5.  You have the opportunity to be a leader.  HonorSociety.org is currently trying to have campus locations across the country on several campuses, and we have the opportunity to found our own chapter of this amazing organization!  Being a leader in college is beneficial for many reasons, including developing skills in being a team player and it also looks amazing on resumes.  If you are interested in this opportunity, please find out more information.

I hope this article has enlightened you to some of the benefits to being a HonorSociety.org member!  I highly recommend you to look around the website more to discover everything there is to know about this amazing organization!  Please let me know what some of your favorite opportunities are!

Lyndsay Hobbs is a student at East Tennessee State University. She is a Political Science,Legal Studies, and Family Studies Major. After graduation, Lyndsay plans on attending law school.

Monica is the Marketing Director at HonorSociety.org.

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