What is Alpha Pi Mu Honor Society? What You Need To Know

Selecting the right honor society is difficult, especially if you’re majoring in a niche subject like industrial engineering. After all, not many honor societies are dedicated to ensuring the success of students with engineering backgrounds. So before you say yes, make sure you look into their requirements, mission, and how you would benefit.

In fact, many students have been asking about Alpha Pi Mu or APM, and is it worth it? Well, don’t worry, with this guide you can find out! From what it is to its benefits, you can decide if this honor society is right for you! 

Now, are you ready to get started? Here’s an in-depth look at APM: 

What Is Alpha Pi Mu? 

Alpha Pi Mu is an honor society based in America for all industrial engineering and systems students. It traces all the way back to 1949 when James French established APM as a senior in Georgia Tech. 

He was fed up with the lack of resources available, so he created an organization where engineers could exchange their ideas and have experiences that could help shape their future success. In fact, he wanted a space where students and faculty could be honest with one another and collaborate on ideas. 

Just ten years later, in 1959, the Association of College Honors Society (ACHS) accepted full membership of APM. In fact, APM is the only national honor society that’s accepted for industrial engineering due to its relationship with the ACHS. 

Chapters now reside in every popular institution. Currently, there are 68 active chapters with the organization. However, the society has over 39,000 members and invites over 700 members a year. 

While there are requirements to join, any serious industrial engineering student would have no problem meeting the qualifications. In fact, the mission of the APM has a purposeful broad stance that way students can learn from each other and achieve future success

What Are the Goals of the APM? 

Like any honor society, Alpha Pi Mu has goals which the organization honors and abides by. Its mission is crucial to the organization as a whole. So if you’re thinking of becoming a member, you’re more than likely going to have to swear to this mission statement, sign a copy, or acknowledge that you’ve read it. 

So it’s beneficial if you know the organization’s goals ahead of time. That way, you know what’s expected of you before you join this honor society. 

Therefore, these are the goals of the honor society: 

  • To show recognition to students who’ve shown academic excellence in the field. 
  • To promote any new studies, theories, and beliefs which will advance industrial engineering education.
  • To unite the students of the industrial engineering department in demonstrating their beliefs to the faculty.
  • Creating a strong student and faculty relationship by gathering their collective thoughts and needs
  • To cooperate and assist with all organizations while working with the interests of the industrial engineering department. 
  • To benefit its members through the experience of the association and content by bringing together a group of like-minded individuals. 
  • To encourage professional welfare for all.

Common Questions about Becoming an Honor Society Member

Becoming an honor society member can seem tricky, especially if you’re unsure of how the process works. However, we assure you it’s not as complicated as it seems. You don’t have to jump through hoops to get an invitation, all you have to do is do your best and achieve academic excellence, and you’ll be a perfect candidate for the organization. 

Although, we’re sure you have a lot more questions to ask. So to clear things up, we’ve gathered some of the most commonly asked questions about being an honor society member; read on to find out more: 

Are There Requirements To Be an Honor Society Member? 

Yes, just like any other honor society, there are a few requirements. Now, some may think it’s unfair to have such restrictions on who can join; however, honor societies are meant to be selective. 

That way, students that excel receive recognition for their efforts and achievements. 

Plus, these requirements can push students to do their best in both their academic studies and in their related fields. 

In fact, these requirements help students achieve future success. By setting the standards unusually high, the students that meet them are then rewarded with an array of scholarships, professional meet and greets, as well as professional activities. 

So without further ado, the requirements for Alpha Pi Mu are as follows: 

  • Students must be enrolled in an industrial engineering or a comparable engineering degree
  • Students must have a 3.2 GPA or higher 
  • Students should be in good standing with the college or university
  • Students should be able to demonstrate community service

Chapter leaders can add requirements as they see fit. So for some chapters, you may have to write a one-page essay, get a recommendation letter from a professor, or even do an interview with the chapter leader. 

What Are the Benefits of Becoming an Honor Society Member? 

The benefits are limitless! Like any honor society, becoming a member can help you succeed in your chosen profession. Since you have unlimited access to the organization’s resources, you can get to know key personnel and become a professional any business would like to hire. 

Now, to gain some insight into the type of benefits you’ll receive, here are some of the advantages of becoming an honest society member:

  • Being recognized as someone who has shown extraordinary academic success, leadership, and interest in the field of industrial engineering 
  • Are associated with the APM honor society and its objectives and beliefs. 
  • Have an opportunity to create a tight-net student-faculty relationship by gathering the thoughts and beliefs of both 
  • Have an opportunity to cooperate with all persons and organizations concerned with industrial engineering
  • Have an opportunity to promote yourself in a professional environment 
  • Have full access to scholarship resources 
  • Have an opportunity to participate in activities helpful to the industrial engineering industry and to your education

However, be aware that you may not have these specific member benefits. After all, the type of member benefits you have depend on your chapter. 

So, for instance, certain chapters may want additional member benefits to boost morale and overall focus; thus, they include benefits like industrial engineering competitions or prep interviews for interns. However, some chapters may not have such a large student body and, as such, won’t have as many organization activities or a strong student-faculty relationship. 

It really depends on the chapter and what the student body wants to focus on to make the chapter the best it can be. To understand the benefits you’ll have, connect your chapter today. 

What Type of Scholarships Could I Apply To? 

When you become a member of APM, you get exclusive access to many different scholarships that only members of APM can apply for. That means you have a greater chance of winning the actual scholarship since there are fewer people eligible to submit an application. However, be aware just because you have a greater chance than other scholarships doesn’t mean they’ll be easy; in fact, they can be quite difficult. 

APM scholarships require you to complete financial paperwork to prove your neediness, as well as ask you to write a lengthy essay on a complex topic. They may even require you to complete a 3d project or show your excellence with a presentation or speech. 

However, being a member of APM doesn’t only give you full access to unique scholarships; it also increases your chances of winning a general scholarship as well. You see, when you apply for merit-based scholarships, whether it be through your institution or an online source, you can put that you’re in an honor society, which will automatically boost your application to a high-ranking spot. 

After all, merit-based scholarships are all about academic excellence and how you can display it. So if you show the scholarship committee that you have a record of achieving academic success, then you’ll be more likely to win the scholarship, especially than someone who hasn’t been in an honor society. 

How Do I Join APM? 

Well, typically, the process starts with the honor society emailing you or sending a letter to your residence that says you’re invited to join APM. You can’t apply or go forward with the process without an invitation. Thus, it’s up to the honor society discretion who joins. 

If you are invited, you can, of course, decline. You have no obligation to join the honor society if you do not want to. 

However, if you accept the invitation, you’ll then be asked to attend an information session. In this session, you’ll learn about APM’s history, its goals, and its benefits. 

What happens next really depends on the chapter. After the information session, some chapter simply let students attend an introduction ceremony where you are sworn into the society. 

However, for other chapters, being introduced into the society comes with more steps. For example, you may have to meet with the chapter leader and see if your personal aspirations meet with the organization’s missions. You may even have to write an essay or receive a recommendation letter to be fully accepted into the organization; it just depends on your chapter’s rules and regulations. 

Do I Have To Pay a Fee? 

Yes, however, that’s not unusual. Most honor societies require an initiation fee to cover the general costs of the organization. 

Fees vary from $50 to over $100. In fact, if an honor society is free, then it’s likely a scam, so expect to pay at least some money. 

With Alpha Pi Mu, there’s only a one-time fee of $45. Now, to some, that may seem unreasonable; however, the money goes towards paying for your certificate, Alpha Pi Mu gear, as well as common organization expenses. 

In fact, the organization could charge more for members to join, but it chooses to be affordable for all students. Other organizations charge twice as much, so a one-time fee of $45 is quite reasonable. 

Once I Become an Honor Society Member, Am I Always a Member? 

Not always, you see, once you become a member, staying a member is up to you. Remember those requirements; you still have to meet them even after you’ve joined the society. 

That means you have to keep your grades up, participate in community service, as well as be in good standing with the college. If your grades slip or you enter into poor standing with the institution, you’ll risk losing membership. 

However, once you graduate with honors, you’ll be a member for life. That means you can put your honor society record on future resumes, as well as be employed into the executive council if wanted. 

Become a Member of APM Today 

Honor societies offer a range of benefits from exclusive access to scholarships to even prominent business events and activities. To join APM, you must be enrolled in an industrial engineering degree, have a GPA of 3.2 or higher, as well as, have a record of community service. 

If invited, you must pay the one-time fee of $45 to receive your certificate and APM merch. Depending on the chapter, you may also have to write an essay or have an interview with the chapter leader. 

Now, it may seem that joining APM is tricky however that’s simply not true. All you have to do is meet the requirements and do what is asked of you, and you’ll be a member of the society in no time. 

If you have any additional questions or would like more information about Alpha Pi Mu, feel free to contact us. We look forward to helping you!

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What is Alpha Pi Mu Honor Society? What You Need To Know

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