Why I Want to be a Lawyer.

The number one question everyone keeps asking me is: “why  dId I choose to pursue becoming an Lawyer?” 

So, I am going to answer the question.   

My Journey

My decision to become an attorney  was not a decision that was made without due consideration. The only way I feel that I can relate the gravity of my decision to become an attorney is to start at the beginning. When I was three months old, my father fought for custody of me. He tried to work with my birth mother on living and visitation arrangements. However, my birth mother felt that it was best that I be raised by her and her alone despite what was in my best interest. 

The Battle

My dad hired an attorney to fight for custody of me and the court appointed me an attorney. When my birth mother received the summons to appear in court, she shaved my head, disguised me a boy and ran to Mexico in order to avoid the legal system. For the next 74 days they searched for me.   My dads’s attorney and my appointed Ad Litem fought for my best interest and to ensure I had the opportunity for a better life.  I was fortunate that they won and my father and I were able to be together.

The Lawyer’s Role

I think to myself: “what a rewarding career it must be to have helped someone that could not speak for themselves.”  I realize that being attorney is hard work and I know I will have to put in a lot of hours and a dedication but I look forward to the reward I will receive in winning my cases. It is my hope and desire that I become as good an attorney as these attorneys were for me. 

The Ability to Help Others

On the news each day, there is always a child being abducted or abused and even left in hot cars. I think to myself I really wish I could save just one of these poor kids. Also, I am a very much a dog lover and I see so many dogs being neglected and abused. Here again children and animals can’t speak for themselves. I ask myself, “who can speak for those who cannot speak for themselves?” 

My Goal

As an attorney, I can speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. When I speak, I will show my true character and protect their rights and I will always unequivocally stand up for justice because it is simply the right thing to do. 

My Motives

 When I was growing up, I was told by my family to do the “right thing” and I would know what the right thing was when I was faced with a decision. I have done my very best to always make the right decision in every aspect of my life even though it has not always been easy. I have trusted God, stayed in school, stayed off drugs, abstained from making poor social decisions that would have lasting effects on the rest of my life all in preparation for my future as an attorney. Even when I would consider a different career path, attorney would always come back into my mind. It is my heartfelt passion.

My Destiny

I know I am on the right road. I am not afraid of hard work. I took the course to become a Paralegal to confirm my passion was law and to make sure this is what I wanted to do. I fell in love with the Law and more so, it confirmed my passion without a shadow of a doubt, I want to become an attorney.  Since starting this journey, lawyers have helped me achieve my dream confirming I want to be able to help people as a lawyer. For without the lawyers in my life, my would have turned out completely different. Truthfully, I just want to fight and help people in need the way I was helped when I was in need. 



Karen Sears

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Why I Want to be a Lawyer.

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