The mission is to facilitate members to realize their highest potential through the advancement of academics, leadership and networking.
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HonorSociety.org is an international honor society recognizing and rewarding academic achievement among students and alumni in all disciplines. The mission of the society is to facilitate members to realize their highest potential through the advancement of academics, leadership and networking. The honor society is one of the most expansive international academic societies in terms of membership and scope. The global presence and reputation of HonorSociety.org serve as one of the societies strengths. HonorSociety.org offers member ceremonies, experiential education programs, conferences and graduation regalia. The society also offers a platform for members to display their achievements, as well as connect with companies, universities and other educational opportunities. Honorary members of the society include Antonio Villaraigosa (Former Mayor of Los Angeles) and Cobi Jones (US Men’s National Team World Cup Soccer Player).


HonorSociety.org offers a number of services for its members. These include resumé and graduate program assistance, career planning and opportunities, leadership opportunities, networking, and member discounts. HonorSociety.org offers more than $70,000 annually in scholarships and awards to its members along with a variety of other opportunities, both academic and career. HonorSociety.org’s core values include community service and its chapters are involved in a wide variety of [[volunteer]] projects in their local communities such as Dance Marathon, American Red Cross, Doctors without Borders, Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, and various literacy service opportunities.

HonorSociety.org is an accredited member of several organizations. Organizations HonorSociety.org is involved with include:
National Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC)
* National Society of Experiential Education] (NSEE)
Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Experiential Education
HonorSociety.org facilitates experiential education for its members by coordinating annual member trips, leaderships summits and programs. The society partners with Dream Careers, Think Impact, and Semester at Sea to experience work and study abroad. HonorSociety.org member trips are available as networking and education opportunities. The member trips are usually planned during school breaks such as winter or summer break, in order to serve as an enhancement to student’s academic pursuits.

HonorSociety.org recognized academic achievements in both offline and online modes. Offline HonorSociety.org members have access to graduation regalia, such as honor cords, stoles and medallions. Members also receive a membership certificate and the member induction ceremonies when they join as members. Online, members have access to creating a comprehensive academic and professional profile than is publicly shown to companies and search engines alike. An additional benefit to this recognition is the reputation management value of positive branding when companies and individuals search the web. Membership is recognized in tiers depending on a student’s GPA, allowing high achieving students to receive additional recognition within the society.

Career Management
HonorSociety.org provides career management tools to help members research industries, prepare for opportunities, and find internship and careers. HonorSociety.org members have the ability to create a robust profile of their academics, professional experience, interests and abilities in order to be matched to career opportunities. This platform is also available to companies that have jobs available and are looking to hire students and professionals. Students also have the ability to connect with higher education programs in the fields of their choice. This proprietary platform is considered on the the main differentiators and benefits of HonorSociety.org. Beyond the recognition that HonorSociety.org provides to its members, the honor society maintains partnerships with large corporations and career focused services to provide HonorSociety.org members with additional opportunities and privileges. This includes partnerships with Vault to provide in-depth career guides and profiles as well as job postings.

HonorSociety.org offers more than $70,000 annually in scholarships and awards to its members. These scholarships are meant to enhance student’s collegiate experience and cover the costs of programs like study abroad opportunities, research and more. The society offers a comprehensive directory of third party scholarships, and offers five scholarships directly to its member base. These five scholarships are the undergraduate achiever scholarship, graduate achiever scholarship, community service scholarship, and member spotlight scholarship.

Member Benefits & Partnerships
HonorSociety.org is considered to offer one of the most comprehensive sets of benefits and privileges of any honor society.
Member privileges include:
* Scholarship opportunities.
* Job and internship listings.
* Career guides and company profiles.
* Test prep course discounts.
* Textbook discounts.