7 Honor Society Benefits You Didn't Know About


The pin, the stole, the sweater with the fancy letters. It all comes with being part of an honor society. But is it all about having a prestigious name on your resume?

What are the real honor society benefits? Here, we’ve put together seven of the best benefits of being in an honor society.

It goes beyond academics and prestige. It’s about choosing excellence and setting yourself up for a great future.

1. Academic Excellence

Often, how to join an honor society is by maintaining a high GPA. The Honor Society itself has three tiers of academic honorifics: 

  • Highest honors
  • High honors
  • Honors

Academic excellence is a key benefit of joining an honor society because it gives you a target at which to aim. Students need a certain number of credits under their belt before they can apply or receive an invitation to join. As a result, the hope of joining the Honor Society can be an incentive to work hard and do well in your classes. 

Additionally, once you’re in the Honor Society, you’ll need to maintain your good grades. Membership will motivate you to keep excelling. And your top-tier academic achievements will pay dividends later on in life. 

2. Scholarships and Grants

Speaking of hard work paying off, honor society benefits include scholarships and grants. The cost of going to college is rising every year. In fact, in the last 20 years, the cost of attending an in-state public university in the US has risen 212%.

Loans aren’t the best option for everyone, as they can come with hefty interest fees. So if you need help covering your student expenses, membership in an honor society can provide it.

Some societies, like Phi Beta Kappa, give out only a handful of awards each year. Others, like the Honor Society, offer dozens. If you’re curious what kind of financial aid is available, visit the Honor Society’s scholarship directory

3. Motivating Friendships

Another benefit of being in the Honor Society is the like-minded friends you’ll meet. These are other students who likely share your passion for academics, achievement, and giving back. 

Honor societies attract individuals who are driven to succeed. If you gain entrance into a society, you’ll meet friends who can keep you accountable. 

Find out who’s part of the Honor Society on your campus. Connect with them to study and take part in community service. Don’t forget to take the odd night off now and then, too. 

These friendships can extend beyond college and grad school into the workforce, too. You may discover a colleague who was part of the Honor Society at a different school. That’s an instant connection you otherwise wouldn’t have.

4. Networks and Mentors

Of the many benefits of joining an honor society, networking is up there as one of the best. College is the time to meet people who can connect you with jobs, mentors, and other opportunities. 

Your honor society may pair you with an alum while you’re still in school. That mentor can help guide you as you finish college and transition into the workforce. 

You may also get connected to your first job or internship through someone you met in your honor society. Down the line, you may even start your own company. Friends from your honor society could put you in touch with potential partners, clients, and sponsors.

5. Internships and Jobs

In addition to the network of students and alum who are part of the Honor Society at your school, there are hundreds of alum around the country. These people may end up being your boss one day! 

Having the Honor Society on your resume does two things in this instance. One, it communicates to a potential employer that you work hard and take things seriously. This is a society’s reputation: members commit to improving themselves and their communities. 

Two, it sparks that instant connection we mentioned earlier. If your employer is familiar with the Honor Society or was a member, it gives you an immediate talking point. Additionally, that sense of shared experiences will quickly form a stronger bond between you.

These connections are more likely to help you land an internship or that first job out of college. But that isn’t the only way an honor society helps you in your career.

Another benefit of joining the Honor Society is the resources they offer for job hunting. You may need help preparing for an interview or writing your resume. These kinds of resources will help you get your foot in the door.

Your society may also have a job board available to use. They might also connect you with alumni who have open positions at their companies. 

6. Gift Cards and Discounts

Some honor societies go above and beyond the seven benefits listed. Think restaurant gift cards for nights when you’re too busy studying to cook. The Honor Society even offers health, dental, and vision discounts to its members.

You’ll have access to Career Insider vault content, too. There, you’ll get resume and cover letter templates for tons of positions. You can also improve your networking skills and meet potential employers.

7. Community Service

Honor societies usually contribute to at least one philanthropic cause. A good way to decide which society is right for you is by taking a look at which they support. Is there a cause that connects with you the most?

Service and charity are two pillars of the Honor Society. Thus, they offer members a chance to give back to their communities. This is one of the most significant benefits of joining.

You will grow in your selflessness by getting active in your community. As a member, you’ll offer time to causes like the American Red Cross or others that your society supports.

Honor Society Benefits

Being part of an honor society is about so much more than a special designation. 

Ultimately, it’s a symbol of your hard work. It’s a place to make connections. And it’s a launching pad for the next phase of your life. 

So what are you waiting for? To find out how to join and make the most of your honor society benefits, click here.

Source: HonorSociety.org Member Articles
7 Honor Society Benefits You Didn’t Know About

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