Maggie Wackerhagen, Honor Society Emerging Leaders Scholarship Recipient

1. Will your school have on campus classes or completely online next Fall? What are your thoughts about that?

Arkansas plans to have on campus classes this fall while following social distancing protocols. I think this is a wise decision for both the students and the university so that the best education can be provided and so that students continue to build and grow the school’s community as well as their own.

?2. How do you think technology will shape our future going forward from a personal and or macro perspective?

Technology will continue to advance, which will in turn cause us to advance in our thinking and abilities. I believe that technology will be heavily involved in the future in every aspect of life.

3. Do you think your major (if applicable) is well positioned for the future? If not, are you considering changing?

I think Marketing is very well positioned for the future. There will always be products are services that need to be sold and consumers will need to be convinced that they need this product or service. I especially think Data Analytics is very pertinent and useful. Social media marketing is also a very big field that continues to grow and develop at a quick pace and I only expect this to increase.

4.Honor Society is committed to philanthropy and making our community a better place. Honor Society is very happy to be awarding you a scholarship. We however ask that you pay it forward with a small act of kindness. Please send us details of your act of kindness as well as how it made you feel.

I was recently able to pay for someone’s coffee at a coffee shop. It is a very small thing,but I hoped that it might have made the other person smile and feel loved and noticed that day. It’s a little difficult to go out and physically serve people due to the pandemic,but little ways like that still make people feel noticed and served even if it is a small action.

5. In the current global climate, what are your thoughts regarding online organizations and the importance of remaining connected while socially distant?

I think online organizations are crucial with a pandemic and that many organizations are now online due to the pandemic. There are great resources through these organizations for people to stay connected, check in on each other, and even develop new skills.However, I believe that in person communication and relationships are vital and need to be promoted after the immediate threat of COVID-19 passes. I also think that these in?-person communications can still be practiced during COVID-19 as long as individuals follow social distancing guidelines.

6. Now more than ever, humanitarian causes are aiding suffering people around the world. What causes are important to you, and how do you plan to incorporate them going forward?

Something very close to my heart is high school ministry. I personally was very impacted through my church’s high school ministry during my time in high school and I hope to give other high school students the same experience or help to give them that in anyway I can. Another cause that is important to me is at risk children. Specifically helping those kids have the basic essentials and that they know they are important, special, and loved.

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Maggie Wackerhagen, Honor Society Emerging Leaders Scholarship Recipient

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