Are High School Graduation Rings Worth It? (Or Wait for College?)

Are High School Graduation Rings Worth It? (Or Wait for College?)


High school is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, it makes sense to want to have something nice to remember it by, but are high school graduation rings worth it?


So many of life’s memories pass by in the blink of an eye. Before you know it, years have gone by and you are living in an entirely different phase in time, with completely different circumstances.

High School is a rite of passage that is filled with so many memories and development that can carry you into the rest of your life. Many people opt to purchase a high school graduation ring to commemorate this time in their lives.

But are high school rings worth it? The simple answer to this question is a resounding “absolutely!”

Read on to learn more about high school graduation rings and why purchasing them is a great idea. 

High School Has Once in a Lifetime Memories

The main reason to get your high school ring is that there are so many memories tied to this time in your life. You will want to look back on them fondly, and purchasing a ring is a great way to do that.

It is a symbol of your youth when you are right on the cusp of adulthood. The longer life goes on, the more you will cherish the ring and be glad that you purchased it.

Class Rings Are Made With High-Quality Materials

Make no mistake about it—when you purchase a high school ring, you are purchasing a quality item.

For most high schoolers, the class ring is the most significant piece of jewelry that they have purchased up to that point. 

These rings are crafted with valuable metals of the highest quality. Some are made with sterling silver, while others have gold and rose gold options. Since you’re purchasing quality materials, you will get a ring that looks great and will last forever.

The last thing you would want is for something that is supposed to commemorate a time of your life to fall apart, rust, change colors, or worse, turn your finger colors.

Companies that produce class rings use some of the finest materials and you will be proud to wear the ring every day.

It’s a Way to Celebrate Your Accomplishments

A high school ring is almost like a portfolio that you can wear on your finger with the way that you can customize it. They have little customizable icons you can include to celebrate accomplishments, clubs you have participated in, favorite subjects, and just about any other part of the high school experience you can think of.

If you play Varsity sports, you’ll definitely want to commemorate this achievement with your ring. 

People that played football might want to include a football picture on the ring along with their jersey number. National Honor Society students can also include this designation on their ring.

No matter what you’re proud of, make sure that you find a way to include it in your ring. You will also have customization options for the crystal color and can include things like your signature on the inside of it.

Buying Your Class Ring is Rooted in Tradition

Never forget the traditional aspect of getting your class ring. The tradition of the class ring started with Virginia Tech in 1911. The school then went on to start the ring dance tradition.

Ring dance is the ceremony in which juniors transition into seniors and celebrate the new rings that they just purchased. With so much of our society streamlined and microwave, there’s something to be said about honoring traditions and customs.

This is the last time of your life that you will be in high school, so take advantage of this time to participate in such a tradition.

College is a Completely Different Experience

If you’re thinking of holding off and only getting your college ring instead, perhaps you should think again. While college is also a milestone that you will love for different reasons, it pays to treat them differently. 

High school is the time you spend with kids you might have grown up with since Kindergarten. In college, everyone goes their separate ways and you make new young adult friends that often carry over into the rest of your adulthood. 

Both are special in their own right, but don’t rob yourself of timestamping your high school years by waiting for your college ring. 

It Will Become a Keepsake for Future Generations to Cherish 

Even if you don’t think much of your high school ring right now, it will only become more valuable as time goes on. Not only will you look back at it in awe, but your future generations will also come to cherish it. 

Imagine your grandkids trying on your class ring and trying to figure out who you were as a person back then. It can get passed down for generations and become an heirloom that they will appreciate. 

You Can Express Your School Spirit 

Did you know that 92% of high school principals say that school spirit is linked to academic achievement?

With a class ring, you are jumping head-first into school spirit. You will love showing off your rings and comparing them with your classmates. You’ll want to wear your ring at the big game, and when you return for homecoming after you graduate. 

Shop Around for the Best High School Graduation Rings

Now that you see why high school graduation rings are such a great idea, perhaps you’ll consider placing an order for yours. It’s a decision that you won’t regret, so embrace this time in your life and start shopping around for the best one. 

Reach out to us if you want to learn more about buying class rings and other products. 

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Are High School Graduation Rings Worth It? (Or Wait for College?)

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