Nursing School Tips Guide: 5 Reasons to Join an Honor Society

Now more than ever, the world needs more nurses.

There are currently 4.0 million registered nurses, or RNs, in the United States, and 60% of that number work in hospitals. About 15% of that number work in intensive care units. And when hospitals begin to fill up, the solution isn’t adding more ICU beds—the solution is bringing more nurses to the workforce.

Are you considering a healthcare career? Are you looking for nursing school tips to help you succeed and go on to help others?

If so, we have one fantastic tip for you that stands out: join an Honor Society.

How can being a member of an Honor Society assist you in becoming a nurse? Keep reading for five compelling reasons to join today.

1. Your Education Becomes Streamlined

Studying to be a nurse is no easy feat—so you should take any opportunity you can to make it easier.

When you become an Honor Society member, you enjoy several perks aimed at helping you succeed in your education. Those perks include scholarship opportunities, discounts on test prep courses, access to industry guides, and more. When you’re a member of a prestigious, nationally-renowned society, you’ll reap some benefits!

After all, nursing requires steadfast learning. When you have access to educational tools and informative events with those in your niche, you’ll get a more well-rounded education. Doing so provides you with a solid base for continuing education and having success in your career path.

2. You’ll Have Access to Wonderful Scholarship Opportunities

Nursing school, understandably, is not exactly inexpensive.

The average tuition cost ranges from $6,000 for an AA to about $100,000 for advanced degrees. Nurses can expect a solid income—about $73,300 to $115,800, depending on their job specifics—but it’ll take a while before you get to that point of your career.

So, in the meantime, how can you afford your education? There are several options, one of which includes student loans. But if you had the opportunity to discount your initial costs, wouldn’t you?

That’s where scholarships (and an Honor Society) come in.

Honor Societies serve many purposes, but one of the most significant things they do is offer awards and/or scholarships. Winning an exclusive scholarship from an Honor Society means having the chance to do more, reach further, and dream bigger.

The scholarship dollar amount typically ranges depending on its mission, whether to honor core values, community service, or perfect GPAs. Not just anyone receives a scholarship—rather, those with clear dedication, determination, and grit are the recipients of such reward. Honor societies want to recognize good behavior and encourage it, contributing to the next generation of nurses.  

If you meet the requirements, make sure to apply.

3. Honor Societies Have Non-School-Related Perks

If you thought education accessibility was excellent, wait until you hear this!

Honor societies may provide a slew of other benefits, such as restaurant discounts and health discount plans. These two things—health and well-being—have the ability to add to or take away from your education. If you’re struggling to afford healthcare or find groceries to be increasingly expensive, these member benefits will be particularly enticing.

After all, being hungry, sick, or unwell contributes to a lack of motivation and sustainability. If you’re not eating right or getting regular check-ups with your primary care doctor, you’ll be less inclined to study, read, do homework, and the like. But when you’re well-fed and well-taken-care-of, you’ll be in a shape that’s fit for learning.

Honor societies want to provide the world with the next best generations of nurses. If you’re one of them, you deserve a discount on things like dine-in meals or healthcare. 

4. You Can Enjoy Working Relationships With Those in Your Field

Do you want to experience being a part of a group that’s like-minded? Do you want to network with those who care about the same things you do, like the population’s health and well-being? Are you interested in talking with those with can increase your knowledge and be a support system?

When you join an Honor Society, you’re not alone.

You’ll be part of an elite group that contains members just like yourself—those that strive for greatness and want relationships with those who do the same. An Honor Society is a community that’s full of people you can identify with, learn from, and collaborate with. 

5. You Might Land Your Dream Job Easier

Finally—one more of the many reasons to join an honor society: a resume boost!

You might not have a preference for where you take your skillset . . . or you might have a specific hospital or practice in mind that you hope to work in. When you’re an Honor Society member, your prospective employers will likely see you as more motivated. You’ll put yourself in a framework that suggests dedication, focus, and care. 

In other words, it’ll prove you have the traits required to become a nurse. They’ll want to employ the Honor Society member over the applicant who isn’t one. 

If You Listen to Any Nursing School Tips, Let It Be This One

Why join an Honor Society?

Apart from granting yourself more opportunities to get nursing school scholarships, an Honor Society can help you develop and showcase your talents. It can also help you come into your own as a leader—something necessary when working in a hospital. You’ll also be rewarded with tools that foster ambition.

So, as you continue researching nursing school tips, keep this important one in mind!

Good luck with your journey. To see even more benefits of becoming a member with us, click here. We look forward to speaking with you.

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Nursing School Tips Guide: 5 Reasons to Join an Honor Society

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