Finley Klinger: Fall 2022 Community Service Scholarship Recipient

My name is Finley Klinger and I enjoy playing tennis and cross country running, which I have done since I was young and spent the last four years competing on my high school teams. I also really enjoy Nordic and alpine skiing, hiking, surfing, biking, and diving.  I also really enjoy music and have played the piano since I was four years old.  My heart has always been in helping others so I love to give back to my community in many ways. 

I love coaching others and find that I am just as happy helping others to play their best as I am competing myself.  I also found that I love working with young children and really enjoy volunteering in a first grade classroom.  I also love giving back to my school and teams, meeting many people, through working in our concession stands. I love supporting organizations I feel make our community a better place like Make-a-Wish Wyoming and Central Wyoming Hospice and Transitions.  

I began my studies at the University of Wyoming this past fall to study Kinesiology and I hope to attend dental school in the future and ultimately hope to become an oral surgeon. This scholarship will help me tremendously in achieving my dreams through helping me afford my undergraduate education.  Excellence in education has always been my primary focus and this scholarship will help to allow me to keep my studies at the very center of my attention. 

I take classes during both semesters and during the summer in order to meet all of the requirements of my undergraduate program as well as my dental prerequisites and this scholarship will also help me to afford the extra semester of school.  It was a great honor to be chosen for this scholarship and I can assure that these funds will be used to the fullest extent for my studies and then be returned to the community in the way of service.

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Finley Klinger: Fall 2022 Community Service Scholarship Recipient

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