Fort Valley State University Anniversary Banquet

Event: 3rd Year Anniversary Banquet Gala

Date: October 24th, 7:30pm-9:00pm

“It was our 3rd year anniversary celebration of our chapter being founded on campus. It is a formal event and we gave out awards/certificates acknowledging the efforts of both e-board and non e-board members.

Pictured are members who received significant awards such as ‘Most Faithful” or those who were awarded Dean’s List. The two pictured holding awards is Aleah Muhummad (left) and Usher Williams (right). Aleah received the “MVP” award. She was always the first person (besides our Public Relations Chair of course lol) to get the word out to students on campus about our events. And Usher received a “New Member” award, we always like to show appreciation towards our new members for taking time out of their schedules and participating.  Also, pictured below in the black suit is our wonderful advisor, Mr. David Salone. Mr. Salone works has been working as a full-time professor at FVSU for 7 years. He teaches Logistics and Management courses. 

The Banquet is beneficial to the organization because it is to help celebrate the time the chapter has been on campus. It gives all the members a time to fellowship with one another and get to meet the new members that were recruited. It also gives a chance to recognize those members who have been putting in time/work to help the organization grow as a whole.”


Source: Member Articles
Fort Valley State University Anniversary Banquet

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