How To Apply for Scholarships for International Students

Going to University is an amazing chance to get to know people from all over the world, study in old libraries, and gain qualifications to help you achieve your dream job. 

It sounds alluring and many of us want to be able to study at University. 

The appeal of studying is obvious, but did you know that student debt was more than $1.7 trillion at the end of 2020 in the USA? 

To be honest, the reality of the idyllic college brochure photos is that it comes with a steep price. That is why scholarships for international students are more important than ever. 

Not everyone can afford to pay for their own tuition, however, that should not stop anybody from studying if they want to. Scholarships are there to make academia accessible for anyone from all backgrounds and classes. 

This article will tell you everything you need to know about applying for scholarships for international students in the USA and where to find them. 

Understanding Scholarships

Scholarships are forms of financial aid that you do not need to pay back. Unlike a loan from a bank, you will not go into debt from a scholarship. 

For many students, money is a huge cause for concern at college and it can create a lot of anxiety if you are not financially stable. That is why scholarships exist. You can focus on your studies without worrying about finances. 

But, what is the difference between scholarships and grants? 


Grants are normally rewarded by the state and federal governments as wells as academic institutions. 

They are offered to students with a low family income in order to support them with their studies. 


In contrast to grants, scholarships are provided by businesses, nonprofits, and foundations. 

You receive a scholarship based on merit. Meaning, you can find scholarships for transfer students, international scholarships, and scholarships for college freshman. 

It does not matter which subject you study, there is one for just about every skill! 

In fact, the Honor Society is an organization that is already supporting thousands of aspiring academics. You can browse their scholarship directory for the different financial aid that is available. 

How Scholarships Help You

For many underrepresented minorities applying to scholarships is a new experience because most of them are the first in their families to attend college.

Providing financial aid for international college students from mixed backgrounds is only the first step in diversifying University campuses, but it is an important one. 

Here is a list of scholarships available in the USA: 

  • Scholarships for college students 
  • Scholarships for women
  • Scholarships for high school seniors and students  
  • Scholarships for graduate students and graduate school
  • Scholarships for nursing students 
  • Scholarships for moms and single moms 
  • Scholarships for Hispanics
  • Scholarships for high school juniors 
  • Scholarships for black women
  • Scholarships for women in stem
  • Scholarships for seniors 
  • Scholarships for veterans 
  • Scholarships for minorities

As you can see, there is something available for everyone.

For international students, you can find more information available that will tell you more about the process of applying. 

Why is it important to have diverse scholarships for underrepresented people of society? 

Historically, there has always been segregation and class injustice in the academic system. The upper-middle-class continues to dominate top Universities due to their social mobility and income

However, how can Universities teach about inclusiveness if they do not show it? 

Thankfully, we are seeing progress. 

Did you know that Robert Morris University was the first college in America to offer scholarships for video gaming? 

Normally video game students specialize in esports, which is a competitive online sport where thousands of players participate in tournaments and competitions. 

In contrast to the traditional sports scholarships, this allows people with modern sporting interests to apply for scholarships. Not only this but there are more scholarships for international students.

Scholarships for International Students

Traveling when you are young is a memorable and valuable experience that not many people have the opportunity to experience. 

Living in a different county requires financial support, flexibility, and encouragement. 

It can be a daunting thought living alone in another place without the people you know, but it can also be life-changing. 

Benefits of Studying Abroad

1) New Culture

When you get to live amongst locals and observe their daily rhythms, you pick up a lot of knowledge about their culture. 

By learning about new cultures, you can gain fresh perspectives and even discover more about yourself in a new environment. 

As well as this, you get to taste delicious food, explore social customs, and engage with other traditions. 

2) Improve Your Language Skills 

If you are interested in learning a new language and immersing yourself in the culture so you can improve your skills, international college students can benefit from living abroad. 

Plus, if you are affiliated with a host University you will most likely be offered, language classes!

3) Career Opportunities 

Having a life experience of working and living in another country is a great way to boost your CV and stand out amongst the crowd when applying to jobs after graduation. 

It shows independence, maturity, and flexibility. All of which are very attractive qualities for an employer. 

It sounds amazing, right? 

Now, let’s take a look at how to apply for scholarships…

How to Apply for International Scholarships

No matter where you want to study, the same rules apply to any application process when it comes to scholarships for international students. 

Ask Around

Whether you are studying at college, attending night classes, or still finishing high school you will always be able to find people around you to ask for some help and advice. 

You can go to your local job board, reach out to University staff, or email people who already received scholarships for international students in the USA. 

It can be as simple as a message asking, how do you get financial aid for international college students? 

The worst that can happen is that they do not respond, but the best outcome is that that they can put you in touch with someone that can help!

Remember, you never know until you try! 

Contact the Scholarship Funder Directly

People appreciate someone having confidence and putting themselves out there. 

When it comes to information, the Honor Society has a whole range of helpful tips about easy scholarships to apply for and they also offer fantastic networking opportunities for studying abroad and meeting people. 

As well as this, they are very welcoming and are happy to answer any questions you might have.


Anyone who had success applying to scholarships will tell you that the most important part is research. 

However, as with any skill, you can get better with practice! 

When you are looking for what scholarships to apply for, there are a few key details you should watch out for.

1) Location-Specific Scholarships 

Many scholarships will only be valid in certain countries. That may be because the funding is coming from that country or for other reasons. 

For example, you can find scholarships to study in Asia or Africa. You must make sure that the scholarship is for where you want to go. 

2) Program- Specific International Scholarships 

Sometimes you can only apply for a scholarship if you plan on studying a certain subject. Otherwise, you will not meet the requirements.

This can be frustrating if you find your ideal scholarship, but there is plenty to choose from so do not worry! 

To find out more about available scholarships you can try: 

  • Federal agencies
  • Library reference section
  • Financial aid office
  • State grant agency

Once you have a list of scholarships that you would like to apply for, you will need to make a list of their deadlines and other paperwork that they might ask for. 

Make Your Application Stand Out

Most applications will ask you to send some supporting documents to double-check your qualifications 

 They could ask for: 

  • Two or more letters of recommendation 
  • A resume 
  • High school transcripts

And, of course, they will ask for a scholarship essay…

This gives you the opportunity to make your application stand out. It gives you the space to show off your skillset, impress the team with your personality, and also showcase your ability to make a topic interesting. 

If you are going to spend the most time on any part of the application, it should be the essay. 


Before you start any piece of writing, you have to ensure that you have a solid plan. This will help you shape the style, tone, and structure of the essay. 

Make an Outline

After you have made a brief plan, you should make an outline for the topic. This does not need to be extremely detailed, but it should cover the basic points of your argument and any references you would like to make. 

Pay Attention to Instructions

Every application will come with an individual set of instructions. It is vital that you follow them precisely and make sure you stick to any word limit they give you. 

Edit and Review

Do not miss this part! 

It can be tempting to skip over the editing phase of writing an essay, but when you are applying to scholarships for international students you must go over your spelling and grammar at least two or three times. 

A good way to proofread your work is to send it to a friend or family member so they can read it with fresh eyes and pick up on any little mistakes. 

Then, all that is left is submitting the application! 

How Will I Recieve My Scholarship Money? 

If you are successful and you get through the application process, then you will probably want to celebrate and you should! 

After that, you might start to wonder, how will I receive my scholarship money? 

This is a great question, especially when you start planning going to study and will need the money.

Depending on whether your scholarship is funded by the government or a nonprofit it may come in different ways. 

For government and private scholarships, the money will go straight to your college account where it will be used for tuition and fees. 

For nonprofit and organization-funded scholarships, it may appear in your bank account or as a check. 

The simplest way to clear up this problem is to enquire with a staff member after you have been accepted. 

College student international scholarships are common so they will be used to these kinds of questions. 

Final Checklist

Applying for scholarships can be stressful and overwhelming which is why planning and preparation will save you so much time and worry! 

You can make a checklist for your desk where you can look over the details of the application to make sure you have everything before submitting it. 

  • Read the application thoroughly
  • Backup our application essay 
  • Mark your calendar with important deadlines 
  • Keep applying!

The more application you write, the higher the chance is of you getting to study abroad. 

The main thing is that you do not give up and keep being passionate every time you hit send! 

That being said, there is no rush to complete the process of applying for scholarships. If you plan well in advance, you should have more than enough time to write an awesome essay and proofread your work carefully. 

Although if you work hard, get the grades, do the research then there should be no reason that you cannot find a scholarship! 

Seize the Moment and Apply Today!

The internet is full of scholarships for international students, but you want to make sure you are investing your time wisely with the right organization. 

On the Honor Society website, you will be directed to incredible scholarships. As well as this, they have created a family ethos where you can meet and network with people all over the world. 

There is no need to do it all alone when you be part of a supportive community that shares your successes and helps you when you hit a roadblock. 

Reach out to a member of staff today to find out more and start the journey of applying to scholarships today! 

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