Member Trip to Washington, D.C. Day 1

Member Trip to Washington, D.C. Day 1

Last week, I had the privilege of attending the member trip to Washington, D.C. It was such an amazing experience getting to meet in person some of the wonderful members of The members that attending came from all over the country, some were Chapter Founders, and some were Featured Writers. The 5 days consisted of exploring DC, member bonding, lots of selfies, and tons of fun.


The first day of the trip was a short one because everyone was getting in that afternoon. We all met up at the hotel in Arlington and introduced ourselves to each other. You could feel the sense of community within minutes of everyone meeting each other.


After introductions, we headed out to the bus that took us to dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe. For many members on the trip, this was the first time out in DC so the drive in from Arlington was very exciting. As we got to know eachother during dinner, members realized how much they had in common and were eager to learn more about eachother.


Following dinner, we went on our way to Alexandria, VA. Alexandria is a cute town with so much history and we really enjoyed visiting. During the evening in Alexandria, we split up into two groups and went on a walking ghost story tour of the town!

The first evening really set the tone for the remainder of the trip which was a true success! Stay tuned for more posts about the remainder of the trip!

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