Why Should I Start an HonorSociety.org Chapter?

Why Should I Start an HonorSociety.org Chapter?

As the chapter founder of a university, you a presented with an amazing opportunity to develop your leadership skills. As a chapter founder, you are going to gain skills and knowledge that are going to make you stand out during your job search and graduate school applications.

As chapter president, you will oversee the chapter’s growth. The leadership skills that you develop as a chapter founder will be significant. Imagine getting the opportunity to make a difference on your university’s campus by engaging with your campus’ most talented students and meeting with them all in one place. You will be a role model to the rest of the members in your chapter.

Your hard work will pay off. We want to recognize you for the hard work that it takes to start a chapter on campus. Upon successful completion of a chapter, you will personally be awarded a $1,000 academic scholarship. This is a scholarship that is only available to chapter founders.

Networking is a huge part of campus life and in the early stages of your career. By starting a chapter on your campus, you will be able to network with other like-minded students and alumni. These chapter members will be a lifetime long network of academic and professional peers and colleagues.

During your time as chapter founder and president, you will gain real world experience. This real world experience includes public relations, marketing, and management. This will be a very important talking point when you talk to a potential employer about your past exeprience.

By bringing an HonorSociety.org chapter to your campus, you are opening the doors for students to get invovled with their community. HonorSociety.org supports the American Red Cross as its philanthropy. As the chapter founder and president, you will be able to encourage members to give back not only on a national level, but get invovled with the local community.

For more information on starting a chapter visit https://www.honorsociety.org/start-a-chapter

Monica is the Marketing Director at HonorSociety.org.

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