Your Guide to the Best Scholarships for Women in 2021

Getting a college education can sometimes be a challenge because of funding. Studies have found that 38% of college students drop out due to financial pressure. Apart from the high cost of education, you also have to pay the high living costs that can come with being a student.

It’s difficult to focus on your studies if you’re ever worried about finances. Luckily, For women, there are a vast number of scholarships for women than one could imagine. Several organizations and companies do offer financial aid to deserving students.

If you’re a woman currently attending college or looking to start, you can take advantage of these benefits. Keep reading to learn how to find the best scholarships for women. 

The Best Scholarships for Women in 2021

Women have been an unrepresented minority group for decades. There hasn’t always been a consideration for women specifically in the education area in the past. But now there are plenty of new options and opportunities to leverage.

Read on for some of the best scholarships for women in 2021 and tips on how to find them.

National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW) National Pathfinder Scholarship

National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW) National Pathfinder Scholarship offers up to three annual scholarships amounting to $2500 to women seeking undergraduate studies. All women undergraduates to those enrolled in master’s degree programs are eligible for this scholarship. For more information about this scholarship, visit

Honors’ Highest Honors Student Scholarship

Honor Society rewards up to 40 high achieving student members with scholarship awards of $5000 each. Every year this society sets aside $20,000 and awards one qualifying candidate every month. 

All continuing students who scored a GPA of 3.8+ unweighted are eligible in the previous year. To apply, you must be an active Honor Society member. You’ll also need to write a 500-word essay to show your relevance and record a video testimonial. 

American Chemical Society Scholars Program

This is one of the attractive scholarships for women and minorities interested in STEM subjects. The scholarship goes to students interested in fields related to chemistry. You’re eligible for applying if you’re African-American, Hispanic/Latino, or American Indian US citizen. 

It’s a need-based program so you must prove financial need. You must also have a grade point average of 3.0 or higher. The society awards up to $5000 to first-year students, sophomores, or juniors pursuing chemistry-related fields. Find out more about this scholarship here

The National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship Program

Women in college can join the National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship Program. The program supports high achieving doctorate and medicine students in NSF-supported STEM disciplines to pursue research-based programs in accredited universities. Qualifying fellows can earn an annual stipend award of $30,000 and an extra $15,000 for allowances and research costs.

Glamour’s Top Ten Women Competitions

The Glamour Top Ten Women Competition allows women to compete for a $20,000 grand prize and nine $3000 awards. Applicants must be outstanding females in their junior year of undergraduate studies. 

The American Sociological Foundation Minority Fellowship Program

If you’re a minority looking to pursue a doctoral degree, this could be the scholarship for you. The program is a predoctoral program targeting minority groups in the US. 

To be eligible, you must be a US citizen. You must also have enrolled for a full-time doctoral degree in sociology in the US. 

Eligible racial groups for this program include:

  • Blacks/African Americans
  • Latinos (e.g. Chicano, Cuban, Puerto Rican)
  • American Indians or Alaskan Natives)
  • Asians (e.g., Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Southeast Asian)
  • Pacific Islanders (e.g., Hawaiian, Guamanian, Samoan, Filipino

This scholarship award gives you access to a minimum average stipend award of $15,000. You’ll also enjoy free training and mentorship from experienced doctors. 

Tips for Finding the Best Scholarships for Women

Searching the web to find the right scholarships can be overwhelming. There are so many sources for scholarships for women, it’s often difficult to choose. Here are some tips for searching for and applying for scholarships. 

Beware of Scholarship Scams

People lurk in the dark corners of the internet to look for victims to scam all the time? students are no exception. You may meet fake scholarship providers looking to con you. Most scholarship scams involve providers asking for money or identity theft.

Scholarship scammers may make an offer that sounds too good to be true. The award may seem unrealistic or you might receive an offer without ever applying.

Always respond to scholarship offers that you have applied for. Avoid providers that urge you to provide unnecessary details. Read this Federal Trade Commission guide for more tips for avoiding scholarship scams. 

Plan and Prepare Before Applications

Allow yourself ample time for preparations before applying for scholarships. Decide on the categories of scholarships and begin searching before it’s too late. 

Another important thing to do is to ensure your online profiles won’t let you down. Remove any posts that may ruin your chances. Scholarship committees may want to learn more about you from your social media posts. 

Also, make sure your email address sends the correct message. Consider creating a professional one that stands in good stead for your applications.

Don’t Avoid Scholarships That Demand More Work

Scholarships involve competing for funding against other applicants. One mistake you could make is to choose those opportunities that appear easy on paper. If providers don’t ask much of you, it might mean competing for the award against many candidates.

Write an attention-grabbing essay even when the providers state that it’s optional. Pay more attention to those opportunities that ask for lengthy essays. Many applicants may back down from writing essays longer than 1000 words. 

While at it, don’t ignore small award scholarships. Smaller awards will mean less competition and a higher chance of winning. Any amount in a scholarship can go a long way to reduce your financial burden. 

Meet All the Requirements

Applying for scholarships can be draining. You have to give yourself a chance to win in every application. If you don’t meet all the requirements, your efforts may be in vain.

Read through the scholarship requirements and ensure you’re qualified. You should be able to list all the prompts asked in an application. Gaps or unanswered questions in your prompt may lead to disqualification. 

Choose Your References Carefully

What references say about you means a lot to the selection committee. Choose references who’ll say the right things about you. Look for people who know your academic background and care about your success. Your references should show why you’re the best candidate. 

Apply for as Many Scholarships as You Can

Make it a goal to not stop applying for scholarships until you’re sure you’ve secured adequate funding. You can continue to apply for scholarships even while you’re in school. Every year comes with new scholarship opportunities, so be on the watch out. 

The mistake you can make is to place all your hopes on one or two scholarship openings. Studies show only 0.2% receive above $25,000 in scholarships. Make sure you aren’t keeping all your eggs in one funding basket.

Apply for as many scholarships as possible to increase your chances of finding financial aid. Apply for small as well large awards. Any award can save you from increasing student debt. 

Let Your Presentation Be Your Unique Selling Point

You need to stand out from the competition by presenting your strengths in the best way. Showcase your real-life experiences to set yourself apart. Also, highlight any particular cause you stood for or add your interests and values. 

If you’re active in extracurriculars, talking about your achievements can be a big help. Any volunteer commitments or roles in the community can enhance your application. 

Double Check Applications Before Submissions 

Take your time and go through one or two rounds of edits before pressing submit. The last thing you want to do is stress yourself over an error in your submission. After putting in all the work, you have to ensure the final submission looks the part. 

Regardless of how many applications you’re sending off, always proofread. 

Where to Find Scholarships for Women

After many years of underrepresentation, we have more women attending colleges than men. Women’s scholarship opportunities continue to increase significantly in STEM fields. 

Up to 58% of families use scholarships to finance college studies. With the right resources, you’ll find a scholarship that aligns with your career goals. Here are some sources to help you get started. 

Scholarship Websites or Search Engines

Scholarship websites are databases with a pool of different categories of scholarship opportunities. These websites provide a directory of financial aid and grant programs in one place. 

Using an established scholarship website makes getting access to dozens of genuine scholarship opportunities easier. It saves you the hassle of perusing different websites that may not contain everything you need in one. 

Beyond that, you may find scholarship programs based on your unique interests. You can search based on things such as:

  • Merit
  • Gender
  • Career
  • Core values
  • Interests
  • Financial need
  • Orientation
  • Other social aspects

There are a ton of scholarship websites available today. Some of the best include,, and 

Government Financial Aid and Grants for Women

Government scholarship portals can also be scholarship goldmines. In 2010-11, 94% of the $49 billion awarded to eligible candidates came from government sources. 59% of these funds went to women candidates. Government sources make a larger percentage of scholarship funds. 

More funding opportunities are coming up as the number of women in colleges increases. One of the most extensive government grants for women is the Federal Pell Grant Program

Pell Grants have for many years allowed women to study without financial stress. Individual amount qualifications depend on the score on the Expected Financial Contribution score. 

Private individuals may also provide financial aid through the government for women in underrepresented fields. Women with interests in STEM subjects may gain from these scholarship programs. Examples include:

  • The Barry Goldwater Scholarship Grant
  • The National Black Nurses Association Grants
  • The Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship for Minorities

Check with your state’s offices for more government sponsorships for women opportunities. Government financial aid may encompass different groups such as disadvantaged and older women. 

College and University-Based Scholarships

If you’re in college, ask your academic department if they provide financial aid. Many colleges offer different forms of scholarships to newcomers and existing students. 

Internal scholarships and grants can be a great way to reduce your financial burden. Some programs can cover total tuition fees every year. Also, you can renew as long as you maintain the expected credits and GPA. 

Local Community Scholarships

One of the quickest ways to find a scholarship is to check with local resources. Local scholarships may reduce your competition because of fewer applicants. To find these opportunities, check with the following resources:

  • Community career counselors
  • Local non-profits and organizations
  • Local church or religious groups
  • Parent-Teacher local committees

You may also gain the favor of scholarship providers who want their community to succeed.

Need-Based Scholarships from Your School

You may focus on achievement or talent-based grants and forget you could qualify for need-based programs. If you’re a low or middle-income student, consider looking for need-based funding too.

If you’re a freshman, make sure you complete your FAFSA application. This tool determines your eligibility for state financial aid, grants, and low-cost aids. Ask your school if they’re aware of any need-based scholarships for women. 

Women Empowerment Groups 

Online groups continue to play an integral role in women’s empowerment. There is a plethora of women groups stepping up to champion women’s rights and promote their access to education. 

It’s easier to learn about women’s scholarship opportunities and financial grants from fellow women. Women want to see women succeeding, so they’ll share all the possible options. Here’s a Bustle review of some top women empowerment groups that help you learn about women’s opportunities. 

Take Advantage of Scholarships for Women Opportunities

It’s a great feeling to finish college without the heavy burden of debts. Leveraging scholarships for women can help. Finding a scholarship or grant regardless of the amount can reduce part of your burden. 

Get closer to your educational dreams by starting your scholarship search today. With this guide, you can kickstart your scholarship search. Join the Honor Society for regular scholarship updates and tips. 

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Your Guide to the Best Scholarships for Women in 2021

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